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The first idea of bePOS was cherished by leading Vietnamese technology engineers in Australia since 2016 and officially launched in August 2018. With the goal of optimizing and digitizing business activities of enterprises In the industry, bePOS has rapidly developed, becoming the new Generation 4.0 Sales Management Super App.

Until now, we have served more than 12,000 stores in over 10 countries. bePOS helps the largest chain stores in Australia/USA, and Vietnam increases 30% in turnover and down 50% in management time.

bePOS always strives to develop the latest and optimal technology solutions to bring satisfaction and quality products

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The development path of bePOS

  • In 2016
    Brainstorm the idea of ​​bePOS
  • In 2017
    Launching products with the first international customer – ProfessioNail (270 stores)
  • In 2018
    Officially launched bePOS on the market
    Won many great awards such as: K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018, Top 3 Shinhan Future's Lab Runway to the World,...
  • In 2019
    Cooperating with many big customers in Australia, the USA, and Vietnam such as Anthony Vince Nail Spa, Hollywood Nails, Neva Group, Kay Spa, and Gemini Coffee,...
    Reaching 4000+ customers in 10 countries, including Vietnam, Australia, the USA, Canada, Mexico, New Zealand, Norway, Hong Kong, Malaysia, Thailand
    Awards: Top 3 Fintech Lab Vietnam, Top 10 Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019
  • In 2020
    Awards: Top 1 Grab Ignites Ventures Vietnam 2020, Top 10 Digital Transformation Enterprises STARS Showcase 2020 ASEAN

bePOS's awards

Top 1 Grab Ignites Ventures Vietnam 2020
Top 10 Digital STARS Showcase 2020 ASEAN
Top 1 Shinhan Future’s Lab Vietnam 2018 - 2019
Top 13 Hottest Fintech in Vietnam in 2019 by Fintechnews SINGAPORE
Top 10 Vietnam Startup Wheel 2019
Top 3 VISA Everywhere Initiative – Vietnam 2018
Top 3 of Australia in K-Startup Grand Challenge 2018


Helping business owners digitally transform successfully, increase revenue, reduce costs.

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Leading in the field of digital transformation with Super Merchant App, Automated Marketing system, digital transformation of operating processes in Southeast Asia.

Super Merchant App bePOS

All solutions in one platform!
bePOS helps every business owner transform their business with the click of a button

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bePOS (IOS) & bePOS (Web)

Super Merchant App, automate operations and Marketing process

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Connect with your customers with App Loyalty

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Receive customer reviews, employee timekeeping feature

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BackOffice System

Financial management, Marketing, CRM,...

Core values

Australia's outstanding technology

bePOS is programmed by leading technology engineers in Australia and aspires to create a 4.0 technology application product for the Vietnamese business community around the world.

Easy to use & extend

Optimizing the interface on mobile, your employees can use it fluently after only 30 minutes of getting acquainted.

Optimizing costs, starting with 0$

Start with the free package and expand more features, and add new stores easily. If you have a small business, bePOS accompanies you with a lifetime package of 0$.

bePOS's customers

More than 12,000 stores in 10 countries have trusted bePOS

Partner of bePOS

bePOS has integrated with more than 16 partners in payment solutions, CRM, banking services, etc.
so that users can use all the values ​​on the same platform