The best POS system for F&B

Digitizing the process of managing and operating restaurants and coffee is extremely simple!

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Why choose bePOS?


Suitable for many models

bePOS is optimally designed for each business model of the F&B such as restaurants, cafes, coffee shops, milk tea,...


Optimizing the service process

The order - service - payment process is digitized to save time and ensure accuracy


Remote management

Shop owners can easily control business activities, employees,... on the bePOS App without being present at the shop

What can bePOS do for you?

Order simple, fast

Order right on your phone, tablet
Order information is accurate and synchronized between departments
Information sent to each kitchen/bar department is separated

Optimized customer service process

Quick and easy order completion
Manage the process of Service - Cashier - Kitchen accurately
Integrate CRM, improve customer service activities

Easy payments

Quick calculation
Print invoices
Various payment methods

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Inventory management

Manage export - import - inventory in detail
Real-time inventory management
Check stock quickly and efficiently

Financial management

Accurate revenue and expense reports
View real-time reports

Staff management

Timekeeping feature
Manage reports by shift
Full and detailed invoice report

bePOS's customers


bePOS supports separating incoming items for each department. If the store has many parts such as a hot stove, cold kitchen, and bar, the item will be installed in the correct position.

Yes, you can. bePOS supports setting up discount/surcharge programs for each customer or for each specific item

bePOS supports restaurant owners to track all employees’ activities on the app

bePOS supports revenue and expenditure reconciliation and each shift according to each payment method to help staff and shop owners control cash flow more easily

Yes, it is. bePOS helps control the number of customers coming in each day through recording when placing an order, based on the information that the employee enters in the order