Standardizing Quality, Successfully Expanding the Chain in the F&B Industry

Efficiently expanding the chain.
Ensuring the chain’s survival relies on standardizing the quality of products and services.
Digitizing inspection processes and quality assurance management.
Seamless information flow between QA Department – Restaurant Management – Board of Directors – Support Department.

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Challenges in the quality assurance management process of the F&B industry

The process has not been digitalized, relying on human input and experience; thus, it fails to achieve high productivity and consumes a significant amount of time.

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Issues faced by the Board of Directors

 Failure to receive timely information.
Lack of detailed reports.
Failure to identify restaurant issues early, leading to increased costs, reduced service quality, and revenue loss.
Spending a significant amount of time on data synthesis, meetings, issue identification, etc., without relying on data.

Issues faced by the QA department

Difficulty in sending bulk information and images.
Data loss and challenges in consolidating daily, weekly, and monthly data.
Time-consuming communication with various managers and support departments while maintaining consistency.
Difficulties in generating reports on priority issues within the chain.

Issues faced by the Operational departments

Inadequate understanding of job checklists, resulting in incomplete or incorrect procedures.
Delayed receipt of timely information from the Board of Directors, QA, and related departments.
Spending a significant amount of time sending and awaiting feedback from higher levels regarding ongoing issues.

beChecklist - The solution to ensure unified quality and effectively expand the value chain of the F&B industry



Digitizing quality assurance management processes.
Performing easy operations on the App: searching, creating, updating, deleting, etc., evaluation forms.
Prompt updates for reports, results, feedback, and the latest information.

More Accurate

Transparent information flow among departments.
Easy updating of images and information on evaluation forms.
Ready-to-use job checklist templates for each department, standardized restaurant quality checklists, with detailed specifications.

Transparent Information

Easier Management

Managing categories by area, branch, and branch group.
Managing questions, error types, and intelligent evaluation templates.
Managing detailed evaluation results.
Providing visual and specific statistical reports over time, questions, and error types, making issue assessment easy.
Managing issues that need resolution and tasks to provide timely directions.
Simple system administration with staff permissions.

Stronger Chain Development

☉ Maintain consistency in restaurant operations and service quality across all branches.
☉ Optimize workflows, enhance performance, and increase productivity.
☉ Minimize errors, save time, optimize costs, thereby enhancing competitiveness and expanding the restaurant chain.


The features of beChecklist

Comprehensive question templates tailored to each department and time period.
Verified workflow for QA, restaurant evaluation including scoring, and accompanied by images.
Automated reporting within the system to reduce synthesis time.

The beChecklist tool helps optimize the work of the QA Department – Restaurant Management – Board of Directors

Board of Directors

 Receive detailed reports within just one day, enabling immediate adjustments for cost control and profit management.
➣ Receive information that has already been reviewed and commented on by other departments, saving time on processing and clarifying responsibilities.

The QA department

➣ Information can be easily transferred through the App, images can be saved, and they can be sent directly to the Board of Directors.
➣ Automated reports can be quickly generated on the system for the Board of Directors.
➣ Role-based management permissions are established for Department Heads and QA staff.
➣ QA personnel can be evaluated in terms of quality, progress, etc.

Restaurant manager

➣ Provide timely feedback on the App in cases requiring further clarification.
➣ Receive prompt assistance from the Board of Directors in urgent situations.
➣ Timely grasp restaurant-related issues.
Digital Conversion

beChecklist is a solution that combines deep industry expertise in F&B with cutting-edge technology, bringing together:

bePOS: A Digital Transformation technology company for the F&B industry since 2018, serving over 12,000 points of sale across 10 countries.
F&B Industry Experts: Top-ranking F&B experts with years of management experience at Golden Gate, KFC, The New Pearl, and Trung Nguyên.

Pricing policy

Under 10 users: $25.24/user/month
10 – 49 user: $22.71/user/month
50 – 99 user: $20.18/user/month
Over 100 user: $12.60/user/month

Additionally, customers who make early payments will receive significant discounts:

3 months: 15% off
6 months: 25% off
12 months: 40% off

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