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Business owners in the retail and are facing problems like:

Easy to make mistake in revenue inventory
It is difficult to grasp all the tasks or indicators
Spend too much time checking
Easy to fall into stress with different report

bePOS - A comprehensive 4.0 business management solution

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Smart product management

Manage goods accurately by model, size, and barcode with full details
Control all import and export activities
It is easy to know which products are still available or out of stock, helping to build a business plan
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Convenient customer management

Store full customer information (name, phone number, email, purchase history)
Create simple promotions to increase sales
Integrated CRM support customer care activities
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A powerful financial reporting and management system

Synthesize visual revenue and profit reports in many chart forms
Easily compare business performance by period, helping to adjust business strategy
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Strict staff management

Integrated smart employee timekeeping feature
Delegating appropriate permissions for employees
Limiting employee loss and fraud


bePOS supports the transfer of warehouses between branches or between the total warehouse and branches according to a strict process

Currently, bePOS supports all payment methods such as transfer, card swipe, e-wallet, cash…

bePOS supports creating programs to accumulate points in many ways (number of purchases, number of products purchased, order value) and you can create programs to redeem points in many forms such as (gift products, product discount, total bill discount)

bePOS supports managing employees, revenue, and inventory by branch/business location