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Are you planning to set up a hair salon business by yourself and wondering which kinds of equipment will your salon need?


Or you are a hair salon manager and you want to upgrade your salon equipment?


This article is really supportive for you. On this page, Here are our suggestion list of 18 equipment that your salon must own.


Let check it out right now!


I. Service Accessories


There are lots of service accessories that your hair salon needs. Here are some common things that I recommend your salon must have.


1. Cutting cape


Hair cutting capes are an important part of any salon. All hair stylists need them to wash their customer’s hair and style the hair in the best feasible manner. Having a suitable and useful hair cutting cape is essential for any salon as it contributes to the functionality of the place and additionally enables the hairdressers in doing their task in a better, quicker, clean and more efficient way.


There is a lot of hair cutting cape sold in the market. This is the comparison of the best cutting cape for you to choose the most suitable ones.


a. Hairday care professional salon cape

  • Dimension: 11.5 inches x 8.5

  • Rate: 4.9/5

  • Price: US $16.99

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

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b. Buorsa black hair cut hairdressing hairdressers barbers cape gown

  • Dimension: 12.4 x 9.8 x 0.4 inches

  • Rate: 3.9/5

  • Price: $3.81

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

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c. Icarus professional nylon hair styling salon cape with snaps

  • Dimension: 10.5 x 9 x 1 inches

  • Rate: 4.3/ 5

  • Price: US 7.50

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

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2. Salon apron


You want your staff to wear aprons that fit the image of your salon and your staff to have fresh, comfortable, and good looking capes. Good quality cutting capes don’t need to be expensive. Below is some highly recommend good quality salon aprons at a fair price.


a. Premium salon apron in leather

  • Product detail:

– Handmade for perfect balance and best performance, Top Functional value

– Professional grade salon quality PU Leather

– Durable long lasting

  • Price: US $34.95

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

Dd4878 C94df1e00f144ea1b68373327da50fd6 Mv2

b. Simple black salon apron

  • Product detail:

– Durable Nylon Fabric material, water resistant and static-free, easy to keep hair dust off.

– Two front pockets to hold hair tools and keep them handy and in easy reach.

– Adjustable waist and neckties, one size fit most.

  • Price: US $14.98

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

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3. Salon towels


Towels are essential for any hair salon. Ensure you get good quality bleach and chemical safe premium towels that last. Below are the ones I recommend.


a. Utopia towels beach proof salon towels

  • Product detail:

– 100% cotton bleach proof salon towels are crafted of an easy to clean cotton terry cloth material

– These 16 by 27-inch towels are made to be efficient and comfortable

– Machine wash warm with like colors on normal cycle with mild detergent, tumble dry low.

  • Price: US $49.99

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

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b. Bleach buster hand towel – the bleach proof towel

  • Product detail:

– Guaranteed not to lose color – even with bleach or salon chemicals

– Made from 100% highest quality cotton

– Long lasting quality and best absorbency

– Soft to the touch

  • Price: US $29.99

  • Where to buy: bosssupply.com

Dd4878 Cec6441f9bf646afa96b7f12cab5c52c Mv2

c. Economy white salon towels

  • Product detail:

– Price is per dozen

– Ideal for most uses

– 100% cotton

  • Price: US $8.99

  • Where to buy: bosssupply.com

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4. Salon hand mirrors


This is the tool you need for the most important part of the salon service – when you show your client the result. There’s not really a right or wrong here but go for one that is practical and fits the style of your salon.


a. DEATTI unbreakable hand mirror with silicone handle

  • Product detail:

– The perfect size of hand mirror: 11(L)x 7 1/2(W)x 1/5(H) inches

– The mirror made of high-grade tempered glass, which firmly built into the plastic frame with ultrasonic technology

– Wide field of view

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

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b. Mirrorvana large & comfy hand held mirror with handle

  • Product detail:

– The reflective area measures 9″ by 8″; length of mirror measures 13.5 INCHES from top to bottom including handle

– Ergonomically designed with a silky smooth grip

– The mirror is encased in a solid frame made with thick plastic

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

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5. Salon hair clips


Sectioning clips are meant to hold a large amount of hair at a time without falling. Do not confuse sectioning clips with fashion clips. They are not the same and are not intended to do the same job.


II. Combs And Brushes


1. Paddle brush


The ideal brush for those with long hair, this large paddle will detangle without causing static.


a. Form glosser paddle brush

  • Product detail:

– Smooths strands for a lustrous finish

– Use on wet or dry hair

– Detangle wet or dry hair for smooth, anti-static results

  • Price: US $15

  • Where to buy: Ulta.com

Dd4878 3fd9e10c72e34d3b979997751f2095c4 Mv2

b. Sosoon hair brush

  • Product detail:

– Using the boar bristle brush creates healthy, shiny hair

– Will help to prevent hair breakage, seal in split ends and reduce frizz easily

– Best for smoothing hair prior to styling.

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c. Olivia garden ceramic + ion rectangular paddle brush

  • Product detail:

– Gently massages the scalp as it works through tangles

– Incorporates ion technology to restore hair’s balance, add luster and sheen, and smooth hair

– Maximizes heat distribution for faster styling

  • Price: US $18.00

  • Where to buy: Ulta.com

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2. Round barrel brush


While the right products are definitely important, your hairbrush has the power to literally make or break your look.


Yes, seriously.


And, when it comes to beautiful blowouts, a large round version will do just the trick. They’re perfect for boosting volume and shine, speeding up drying time and creating smooth strands or big, beachy waves.


a. Care me round hair brush

  • Product detail:

– Boar bristles (lower black section) are 100% pure natural boar bristles with added nylon pins

– Vented brush with Ceramic Coated Barrel retains and evenly distributes heat from a blow dryer to make hair dry quickly and straighten out

– For all hair types for straightening or curling & blow drying.

Dd4878 E56038f5297a4b209a04144a53da4c47 Mv2 D 2000 2000 S 2

b. Osensia professional round brush

  • Product detail:

– Design packs an instant hair boost, speeds up drying time

– The smaller the brush, the bigger the volume

Dd4878 E65de6700841470694117ba23da2d88e Mv2 D 1500 1500 S 2

c. Ecotools alumnium round hair brush

  • Product detail:

– Designed for use on medium to long hair when blow drying to create smooth

– Optimize air flow for faster styling and beautiful healthy looking hair.

– Open barrel for optimal air flow for faster styling.

Dd4878 Cd292d3935224ec590d1eb680e5bc344 Mv2

3. Vented brush


If you haven’t used a vented brush before, the core benefit is pretty basic: When used in combination with a blow dryer, the vents allow air to flow through the brush and directly onto your hair, resulting in a faster dry-time. Beyond this feature, vented brushes, like any other brush, come with a variety of additional features to suit the needs of different hair types and lengths.


a. Wet brush speed dry hair brush

  • Product detail:

– Vented design speeds drying time

– Less drying time equals happier hair

– Works wonders on all hair types

Dd4878 92eddef974f04ced837ec9a1b1cff24a Mv2

b. Boar bristle hair brush set

  • Product detail:

– The natural pure boar bristle brush is best for thin, fine and normal hair.

– Boar bristles are redistributing the natural oils produced by the scalp to the end of the hair tips adding shine to the hair.

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c. Cricket static free fast flo hair brush

  • Product detail: Cricket Static Free Fast Flo

  • Price: US $6.00

  • Where to buy: amazon.com

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4. Wide toothed comb


The wide toothed comb helps separate the hair without adding much friction. This help detangling the hair without hair falling out.


a. The Body Shop detangling comb

  • Product detail:

– The perfect tool for distributing the product through your hair with ease

– Wide tooth comb detangle

– Size: 13cm x 5cm

– For use on wet and dry hair

Dd4878 9fe7fa1270e74f8582f5728a2ded5c9a Mv2

b. Large tooth detangle comb

  • Product detail:

– Large Tooth Shampoo Comb

– 9 1/2 inches Long

– 2 3/8 inches Wide

– Unbreakable Comb

Dd4878 9669c2d1e02846fcb691b91c13186942 Mv2

c. Wide tooth detangling hair combs for Chantiche Curly Wigs-Not Breakable (GL-0101)

  • Product detail:

– No-tangle bristles gently soothes & massage your scalp so it feels refreshed & invigorated

– Good for detangling wet or dry hair

Dd4878 9f249dc13148453b9e8718c9a6244062 Mv2

5. Rattail comb


The rattail comb has a narrow handled that is used for styling the hair. The tail is used for separating and sectioning the hair during the hair styling process.


a. Breezelike sandalwood hair comb

  • Product detail:

– Made of High Quality 100% Natural Green Sandalwood.

– Length: 7 inches; Handle Length: 3 inches; Width: 2 inches


b. HOYOFO rat Tail Comb

  • Product detail:

– Made of green sandalwood

– Improve blood circulation, reduce hair loss, dandruff, headache and gray hair,

– Helpful to reduce tension and help relaxation

c. Rat tail fine tooth wooden comb natural handmade

  • Product detail:

– 100% hand crafted from Natural Green Sandalwood with tender care and natural green sandalwood fragrance.

– Size: 8.3in * 1.2 inch

III. Scissors & Hair Cutting Shears


Your scissors are arguably the hairdresser’s most important tools and a central item in this hair salon equipment list. Professional hair scissors cost around $100 but can range all the way from $20 up to $600.


1. All-purpose shears


The standard size most hairdressers use is between 5.5 inches and 6.5 inches depending on the results they want. A 5.5 inch shear is ideal for precision cutting, while a longer shear, say, between 6 and 7 inches, works well for bigger jobs like large sections, compressed cutting, and deep texturizing.


a. EQUINOX professional shears Razor Edge Series

  • Product detail:

– Cutting hair without razor edged scissors leads to split ends and fraying.

– With a length of 6.5 inches, the Professional Razor Edge Hair Cutting Scissor is safe and easy to use

Dd4878 Ddf44d70a34a4c3290a5b33a0bb476da Mv2 D 1500 1500 S 2

b. JOHN 6.5 Barber Scissors

  • Product detail:

– Designed for hair cutting, bangs trimming and head styling

– Easy to hold the beautiful crafts handle, comfortable finger rings with anti-slip permanent finger rest

Dd4878 0c343a6a50c54400ae2d43897974630e Mv2 D 1200 1500 S 2

c. Suvorna 5.5” precision razor edge Japanese Stainless Steel Barber Scissors

  • Product detail:

– Convex razor edge and hollow ground blades which allow precise cutting without pushing or bending hair.

– Ergonomic design with removable matching

Dd4878 13f50546ccf44e1aa90d0c872dae985f Mv2

2. Blending Scissors


Look for a professional blending shear (also called a professional thinning shear or professional texturizing shear) with a moderate removal of weight so that it can be used for softly removing lines, texturizing, and adjusting weight balance within a shape. For best performance, the blending shear should have convex blades and opposing grip handles so that it is reversible.


a. PERSONNA Toolworx

  • Product detail:

– Offset Professional Thinning Shears

– Measures: 6.5″

– 27 Teeth

Dd4878 F56296114636443a8fca381b6d76d462 Mv2

b. Suvorna Razeco

  • Product detail:

– 30 teeth thinning blade with one convex hollow ground blade for all your thinning, texturising, layering, blending needs.

– High tooth count makes it best choice in thinning scissor for accurate, precise cutting.

File (18)

c. MISSUM professional hair cutting Scissors

  • Product detail:

– 3 curve small teeth above each tooth, catch thick hair smooth and easy.

– Hand-sharpened blades,trim hair with no feeling of hair moving ,protect your hair tip

Dd4878 E5b30db665934622948c7253e429470d Mv2

3. Straight scissors


The straight shear is what you’ll use most of the time when cutting hair. You should ideally have two different sizes of a straight shear. A longer one (above 6 inches) are good for the basic trims and for achieving a clean cut. When cutting a bob, for example, you’ll want to have a longer scissor. A good reference when buying a long scissor is that it should be about the same length as your hand.


a. EXJ-Professional hairdressing

  • Product detail:

– Right Handed Professional Hairdressing Hair Cutting & Barber Scissors

– Size: 6″ – Offset Model

– Color: Rainbow / Multi Colored – 440C – Stainless Steel

Dd4878 9678f19322d2476f99e283b9b4e71106 Mv2

b. 6.0″ Salon straight scissors haircut shears

  • Product detail:

– The Hair Scissor with Straight and Clean Cutting Smoothly on Hair Present Precise Styling and Texture

– Perfect for Barber or Hair Stylist

  • Price: US $30.00

  • Where to buy: joom.com

Straight Scissors

c. 7 INCH barber scissors high grade purple plating salon straight hair scissor

  • Product detail:

– Size: 7.0 inch

– Style: Right-Handed Scissors

– Handle Material: Stainless Steel

Dd4878 C4663ac9b954412384a0db11d45dc0f2 Mv2 D 1200 1200 S 2


IV. Electronic Hair Styling Equipment


1. Hair dryer


Hair dryers are a must-have tool for their sheer versatility. Not only can they dry your wet hair after a shower, but they can also create many different hairstyles for both men and women. Hair dryers can help to straighten hair, they can help lock in those curls, they can help create volume, and more.


a. Remington hair dryer

  • Product detail:

– Powerful 2000 W mid-size dryer for fast efficient styling

– Three heat and two speed settings with cool shot to set styles

– Using the dryer on the mid heat setting saves more energy than using it on high heat setting

Dd4878 095e7b49846a4e5aa83ecdf49a28ac94 Mv2 D 1500 1500 S 2

b. Dyson Supersonic hair dryer

  • Product detail:

– Prevents extreme heat damage

– Ultra-fast drying

– Magnetic attachments

Dd4878 40b48162714a43548e4243ecc46e11d9 Mv2 D 1380 1380 S 2

c. Harry Josh pro tools ultra light pro dryer

  • Product detail: A professional, ionic hair dryer with lightweight handling that significantly reduces drying time.

  • Price: US $349.00

  • Where to buy: dermstore.com

Dd4878 7af503c014284323ba034d1736905d64 Mv2

2. Curling Iron


If you can have only one iron in your kit, make it a 1” curling iron. It’s versatile enough to create a variety of looks because the barrel is not so small that you end up with tight ringlets, yet it’s big enough to deliver just the right amount of bend and wave.


a. Conair Instant Heat Curling Iron

  • Product detail:

– Designed to create flowy loose curls

– 25 heat settings for all hair types with instant 30-second heat up to 400°F and Turbo Heat feature, which increases barrel temperature by up to 36°F

Dd4878 0f166440872a40698f81a30ceb745424 Mv2

b. Remington Pro 1

  • Product detail:

– Professional titanium ceramic coating

– 410°F High Heat

– 30 Second Heat Up

Dd4878 22d44b2c415a4735968cec5673a40d93 Mv2 D 3000 3000 S 4 2

c. Bed Head Curlipops Tourmaline Ceramic Styling Iron

  • Product detail:

– Tourmaline, ceramic technology on barrel for reduced frizz and massive shine

– 1″ barrel for curls and more curls with outrageous body

– High heat of up to 400°F

  • Price: US $19.99

  • Where to buy: ulta.com

Dd4878 C4c4f69d06564574815611faadb7e660 Mv2

3. Hair Straightener


After blow dryer, the hair straightener is probably what you’ll use the most. With the right product, you can do a lot more than just straightening hair but you can also use it to shape great curls. What’s important when you select the right straightener is the temperature which should be at 185 Celsius (365 Fahrenheit) for good styling temperature that does not damage the hair.


a. GHD White Platinum Styler

  • Product detail:

– Unique wishbone hinge for styling control

– Sleek design and rounder barrel for snag-free styling

– Reduced breakage and damage

Dd4878 D0201ce0c3154a77a6d9828905c80ed8 Mv2

b. Cloud Nine Original Iron

  • Product detail:

– The Original Iron takes 20 seconds to reach maximum temperature.

– 7 Heat Temperature Settings – set the iron from 100°C to 200°C

– Choose the heat that’s best suited to your hair type

Dd4878 27b0670038044533ab072d35a526aea5 Mv2 D 1600 1600 S 2

c. Philips Moisture Protect Hair Straightener

  • Product detail:

– Preserve your hair’s natural hydration

– Moisture Protect sensor continuously monitors and adjusts the temperature of the plates to lock in moisture

Dd4878 79180b501a5f4e65aa390383c8e8d984 Mv2

V. Salon Chairs


1. Styling Chairs


Salon chairs are one of the most important, but also one of the most overlooked, pieces of equipment in a salon. A good chair may very well go unnoticed by your client, but a bad chair will undoubtedly make an impression that you don’t want.

a. LCL Beauty Extra Large Classic Style

Dd4878 8d19e4e80c754e02adf08469fc2273eb Mv2 D 1400 1400 S 2

b. Wide Hydraulic Barber Chair Styling Salon Beauty Equipment

Dd4878 Ebb168311e1f4818b8ce0c45efd533d8 Mv2

c. Danyel Beauty Golden color Hydraulic Styling Barber Chair

Dd4878 327191e25e0c47a0a35ea2fdbe70b404 Mv2 D 1200 1200 S 2

2. Shampoo Chairs


The shampoo station (also called backwash unit) is where you’ll wash your client’s hair before and/or after their salon service. It is also where you perform various hair care treatments in the salon.


a. BR Beauty “Kate” Professional Salon & Barber Auto Recline Shampoo Chair

Dd4878 A9b8316bb0994c5dae34446cfbeb9218 Mv2

b. LCL Beauty Reclining Hydraulic All Purpose Cutting & Shampoo Barber Salon Chair

Dd4878 832d555b89e04c36b1bdd7c4f05f0f91 Mv2 D 1600 1425 S 2

c. LCL Beauty Contemporary Automatic Recline Shampoo Chair

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