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100+ Trending Red Nails Designs For 2021

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Let’s find out 100+ Trending Red Nails Designs For 2021 with bePOS!

19 Non-Basic Styles For Red Nails

Get rid of your thin brush and acetone because we have 19 easy classic red nail polish you can do at home. Here are 19 non-basic nail patterns for red nails.

19 Non-Basic Styles For Red Nails

Metal moon

The metallic moonlight at the bottom amplifies the deep red base colour. Choose sparkling gold like one of these colors, if you feel like it.

Subtle details

Technically the tangerine red color, but it looks so nice, we’re willing to bend the rules a bit. This design stands out with a delicate leaf-shaped design on the pinky finger. Very delicate and beautiful.

Cartoon nails

Your inner Betty Boop channel with this design. Paint your nails with a red base coat, then use a brush to outline the complete set of nails. Next, create a 3D effect by adding white details to the outer edges. Apply a topcoat, and you are ready to go.

Red stripes

Buffalo plaid is a fall favorite that is no longer limited to flannel. For a pattern on your nails, start by painting them red with a shiny base coat. Use a lacquer-like this for the ultimate effect. Next, draw the pattern in black. For that extra look, shape your nails into a pointed shape.

Supreme nails

Do this in the Advanced Home Nail Art category. It can be achieved using a red matte backing and a gold sticker. Alternatively, a small nail pencil can make out the word Supreme or try applying white decals. If you are a legitimate artist, use white paint and a thin brush to work with.

Stars No Stripes

It is the fourth day of July, every day with this nail art. A striking red coat with oversized stars covering the entire nail. Add a dose of healthy color by painting the underside of the nail with a contrasting color.

Metal touch

Get glamorous red manicures in an instant with metallic accents. Start with a clear base coat, then paint your half-moon in gold. Let it dry, then paint the rest of the nail with your favorite red paint. Finish with a topcoat.

Striped Varsity

Classic-inspired sweaters, jackets, and sneakers are on-trend, and the look can be extended to your nails. But instead of opting for college colors, we are looking for this unexpected red and pink combination because the nail salon started it all, WAH Nails.

Print in its entirety

Add a print to the basic red nail, done here using a thin brush to paint the super tiny lips.

Red mark

Also, use red that stands out against a neutral background. To get & nbsp; For this cherry design, let’s start with a nude background. Add pairs of transparent red dots, then use a thin brush to paint the stems and leaves green. Finish it with an internal coating. Enhance your look with a design that stretches from your index finger to your little finger.

Easy minimalism

Add a thin diagonal of a contrasting color & nbsp; for a simple yet dynamic interface.

Lined up

Try matching the unexpected 70s colors with chestnut, cherry, and hot pink.

Negative space

Bring your heart on your nails with this negative nail. Outline the ceiling in black to clean up any bugs and make the image stand out.

Ombre red

This vampire ombre hairstyle is a subtle way of honoring your inner strength.

Petal tips

Instead of painting a red French stylus tip, paint the inner edge for an abstract floral design.

Matte Contrast

After painting the nail in your favorite red, let the lacquer dry and add a horizontal gloss polish layer for a contrasting finish.

Statement Nail

Use a thin brush to add a hilarious statement or two nails, seen here as little flashes of lightning.

17 Excellent Red Hand Nail Design Concepts You Need To Try

Red nails are a classic manicure option. It’s a versatile design that can be adapted for a complex event, a day at the office, or a romantic date night. No more boring and basic, you can play with tones, coatings, nail shapes, or decorations to make your red nails stand out from the crowd. Keep reading to find out the best ways to take your red nails to the next level.

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Dita Von Teese Red Nails

Burlesque star Dita Von Teese is famous for her charming old-fashioned look. The ruby-red nail set perfectly complements her retro look. To get Dita’s 50s inspired manicure, ask for a half-moon manicure with a glossy red base and accents in nude or pale pink.

Fun nail design

Show off your quirky and creative side with a fun nail design. One popular option is a social media-inspired manicure. An Instagram heart or a Facebook like fits perfectly on each nail. You can also try different emojis – smileys or cute foods like tacos, fruit, and ice cream.

Matte red nails

The red nails look great with any finish, from satin to sparkle and high gloss. However, a matte finish will give your bright red nails a modern touch. The matte finish also adds rich color and draws attention to your nails as it is out of the ordinary. You can also try matte nail polish or full matte nail polish with glossy nails.

Metallic red nails

Metal has been a big nail trend for years, and it won’t be outdated anytime soon! Cool chrome will make your nails stand out from the crowd and attract attention. It is made using ‘mirror’ or ‘chrome’ powder mixed with your polish. With the right tools, you can achieve the same finish as metal nails at home.

Red and maroon ombre nails

For a refreshing change on red nails, combine crimson with a maroon color in a subtle gradient. The resulting ombré looks sensual and passionate. Ideal for colder months, it has a stylish feel and a sleek finish. Ombré nails also look great on all nail shapes, especially square, pointed, and coffin-shaped.

Red and pastel nails

An unusual color combination for your nails in red and pastel. Try adding a coral red nail while keeping the rest of your nails in the pastel pink family. The bold, saturated color highlights attention and gives the simple nail set a striking and unexpected look.

Red and pink nails

Red and pink are the classic color duo. The contrast between deep, passionate red, and pretty pink creates a feminine and romantic beauty for the nail. For a special occasion like Valentine’s Day or your anniversary, express the feminine feeling by adding cute details like hearts.

Red and white candy nails

Give your nails the psychedelic 60’s feel with red and white candy stripes. Classic cakes and wrapping paper inspire a sweet and attractive look. Try a simpler diagonal or vertical line for the home version, similar to the candy-striped staff uniform.

Red and white love nails

Show off your romantic side with red and white love nails. Perfect for a date night or special occasion, adorable and sweet love nails. Choose a red manicure with white heart-shaped nails, or invert colors and pick a striking red. You can also use heart-shaped glitter or repeat heart-shaped on any nail. There are many ways to embrace this trend!

Red cherry nails

The sweet, succulent cherries are a common motif on clothing and nails. That’s because they are bright, bright, and give a red color to every look. Paint the iconic cherries on each nail for a lovely result that reminds you of long summer days. Combine that with classic French tips for an extra 90s style point.

Red dot

Catch the red dot trend with oversized dots on your nails! It’s a subtle and quirky pattern with personality. Plus, it has a fresh and modern touch on a vintage nail design. You can also try polka dots. For best results, paint your dots over a nude, clear, or white background.

Red French manicure

We are all familiar with the classic French manicure – a nude base with a white top. To give your French manicure a fresh look and feel, change white to red. The result is a sexy and sophisticated nail polish that is simple yet luxurious. Perfect for the office or an evening out, the red French-style nails are among the most versatile options. Try combining it with an almond, oval, or pointed shape.


13. Love heart tips


A loving heart is one of the most versatile patterns you can choose for your nails. One prevailing option is to love heart advice. Delicate, cute, and flirtatious heart tips are easy for you. Shape your nails so that they form an oval, almond, or nail shape, then paint in double curves to create a heart shape on each nail.


14. Red, pink ombre nails


A pretty and feminine ombre nail style is the color red to pink. For a home-like look, apply a white base coat to make the colors stand out. Use a damp makeup sponge to highlight the red and pink polish; this will ensure you get an evenly blended gradient. Then add a layer of polish on top, and you’re done!


15. Red stained nails


Sticky or pressed nails will give you an outstanding set of nails in minutes. They are also a good option if your natural nails are too weak for acrylic or gel polish or if you bite your nails. While there are various sticky nail designs and shapes available, red is a classic color and goes well with any outfit.

Red stained nails

16. Manicure red with characteristic nails

Standout nails are a great way to refresh a simple set of nails without rework each nail. Whether you choose a contrasting color or a pattern for your signature nail, you can be sure your fingertips will stand out. That’s because the human eye is drawn to contrast. For your red nails, choose a model with complementary colors in the same color family.


17. Shades of red


Why choose among your favorite red nail polish? Shows full-spectrum with red nails. From cold-toned berry red to hot-orange red – and everything in between – your fingertips will look amazing. Because all the colors are in the same shade family, you won’t need to worry about the conflict. Instead, all the red colors will work together in harmony.


50 Dark Red Acrylic Nail Styles You Will Love


The red Acrylic nail is the ultimate chameleon. Red has many different nail designs. It can be both traditional and trendy, innocent, and dangerous. You might like those black nail designs on Friday night, but are they less for Sunday brunch? And the classic, natural nail ideas look great on your office suite, but aren’t they a bit boring for a Saturday?


Red never had this problem. The color is bright red and blends together, but it makes up with whatever style you’re looking for that day. It was a manicure chameleon. It’s no surprise that red is one of the most popular nail polish colors of all time, and that isn’t going to change anytime soon.


So how do you choose the right red nail patterns? With basic red nails, there are two questions you need to ask yourself. The first is, “What is red?” Red comes in many different tones. The fresh cherry red color is great for the summer and holidays. Deep red and buff yellows are great for strong effects like formal events and winter manicures.


The second question is, “How long?” The short red nail set allows you to have a picnic on Saturdays without worrying about how you’ll function with this flying saucer game. A set of heel-length nails is perfect for getting tickets to the concert of the year in the front row. Coffin-style nails are trendy, but the thick red color helps it transition from day tonight.


And that’s just solid red. As you start adding nail designs, the red color becomes even more versatile. The accented nails look great with a white patch. Glitter and red are completely created for each other. The red and gold colors give your nails a luxurious, vibrant look that you can’t get in many other colors. There are only many different nail designs available.


Are you a nail addict? (We are.) Do you need nail ideas? We’ve put together our list of 50 favorite manicures to keep you inspired. There are many manicure styles available for everyone and the perfect one for spring during the holidays. Let’s find your next nail polish idea.


1) Red acrylic nail with a golden sheen


Classic, simple red nails get a luxurious upgrade with this innovative nail art design. Paint the half-moon on the base of the nail with gold paint. Choose one with a fine grain finish for a shiny powder. It went from the conference room to the dance floor without any trouble. Keep them medium-sized for impact.


2) Pink, white and sporty red nails


Remember the great college sweaters from the 1950s? Girls came to class in a ponytail and tied high? These nails evoke an era of the high-fashion sport and preppy innocence. Use a high-grade glossy red jacket with pink and white stripes, like those for prep sweaters: sports and fun.


3) Classic red long acrylic nails


Every famous, stylish woman from Marilyn Monroe to Meghan Markle has had a long red nail at some point in public. This is the best nail style, suitable for all situations, all costumes, and all moods. Please take it to the next level by putting tips at one point to create eye-catching drama and fashion.

4) Square long acrylic nail has a high gloss


Similar to the classic style above but with a bit of trend. The acrylic square long nails are back in fashion, and this is a must-see nail design. It’s a traditional acrylic nail design that gets an update. Bonus tip: the longer the nail, the bigger the trend.


5) Square to medium-length square high gloss nail design


Still, in classic style, these red nails are strongly impressed by their bright red color and high gloss. They capitalize on the square acrylic nail trend without being too extreme. It is inserted a little bit more without giving up to the man completely.


6) Short red and glitter nails


You’ve got a traditional short red nail, but you need something more impressive. Paint half of your nail in your favorite red color and the other half with neutral or clear paint. On top of the inner coat, use a micro and ultra-elastic combination on the piercings to create a surprising eye-catching look.

Red nail design

7) Golden Olive Leaf Crown – Grecian-inspired red color


This design is another minimalistic look without snoring. Classic nails of medium length have a noticeable hint of color on them for accents. Paint a Grecian olive leaf design on the ring nail with paint or solid gold polish. Keep it extremely minimal, like Athena’s golden crown. Do not bother all styles.


8) Unique Red Ballerina Nails – Go big or go home


High drama requires a daring choice. There is a time and place for short nails and not this time. The longest square nail complements the high-gloss cherry red color. It is not for the faint of heart. This style is great for all your encrusted jewelry, black leather, and high heels. Bold.


9) Ultra medium oval red nails


Red nails can be sweet too. These moderately long, round nails give off classic 50s’ party gowns. They look like Marilyn’s white gown, light and innocent but with an interesting flair. It’s no better than any of these classic red nails. It doesn’t.

10) Burberry-inspired long pointed nails


Burberry’s classic look is reproduced on the nail, creating a high-fashion accent. Use long, pointed red nails as the perfect accent for Burberry’s tweed-inspired look. Use a natural almond base layer for a sparkling red color with black and white stripes, the luxurious cashmere scarf of the nail design.


11) Super long red coffin nails


The coffin nail trend won’t go anywhere. Let’s take it to the extreme with this super long manicure. The red color provides the perfect base for this bold design choice. It has a strong Paula Abdul feeling. Pair it up with some gold rings for fun or an extremely minimalistic weekend look for a black-tie.


12) Cool red nails with golden cuticles


Grab a vintage short red nail and accentuate it by reversing your French look. Use a gleaming yellow polish for the half-moon shape on the base of the nail. If you wear a stackable ring, it will look like another layer of jewelry or add some rich accents on your bare finger.


13) Barbie manicures to medium length luxury


Barbie is a fashion icon, and more often than not, her nails are classic red. Get some suggestions from a woman who has done everything and everywhere. A vintage manicure is one of the best nail decisions you can make. These turn the film back in length without sacrificing fashion. Choose a darker cherry red for the greatest impact.


14) Amazing French manicure with red color


French manicure is beautiful, but let’s improve it a little. Get a natural foundation with a hint of polish and bright red lipstick. What is the twist? Keep your nails long with a round tip (almost a point). That is the French manicure refusal to be well-behaved.


15) Elegant and simple red nails – Dynasty version


We don’t love the Crown’s hair, but we love their shameless drama. Keep it dramatic but not horrible with this long nail design. Gather them on one last point for a bold, trendy choice that looks great with some bling or just a pair of jeans.


16) Classic red long coffin nail design


What do you get when you wear red lipstick with this season’s trendy designs, coffin-shaped nails? You get a sharp yet minimal nail set. Keep the red colors bright and fun for a beautiful and classy design. The long, red coffin fingernail is a nail that will never go out of style.


17) Picnic and design apple pie-shaped short nails


Summer is coming, and we are dreaming about sunshine and outdoor fun. You don’t want your nails to get caught up in good timing, so keep nails short. Trimmed square nails are a great addition to bright red, high gloss nails. Have all the fun and the sun and the endless summer.


18) Medium length weather sweaters oval acrylic nails


When autumn comes, you need a little more from under your sweater sleeve. The soft oval mid-length nails are traditional and go well with your cashmere sweaters. Think chocolate and marshmallows, a fireplace, and cool night air. This nail is warm and eternal.


19) Glitter, striped, and dot nail art design


Red is not necessarily minimal. Give it a bit of fun using different designs on each nail. A nail is white with a lovely red dot on the base of the nail. Next is the chunky red glitter. The middle is a white base with red stripes. The final nail is a red nail with a hint of white. Cute and fun.


20) Classic red coffin-shaped nails


What’s the perfect complement to diamond rings and polite outfits? The most common nail polish color, of course, is red. You don’t want to give up all your style, though, so add a bit of trend with medium-length coffin-shaped nails. They match the black-tie, but not match your mother’s red nails.


21) Cute kisses Red and white lips nail design


Sometimes you just want a cute and pretty nail design without taking yourself too seriously. Here, you can add fun little lipstick markers all over your bright red nails. It was fun. It’s lovely. Perfect for that weekend at the music festival or for meeting your boyfriend’s mom for the first time. Not everything has to be so dramatic.

Cute kisses Red and white lips nail design

22) Amazing and popular – Manicure mature


You may not have all of your business together. You may not have set up a retirement account yet. You may have spent your last dollar on those great (on sale) shoes. With a nail kit like this, you may not have everything together, but your nail set will always be the same. Let everyone wonder how you keep things floating so easily. Only your nails will know.


23) Look into my eyes 3D round red swirl nails


There are a few minimal red manicures on the list, but this one has an interesting highlight. First, paint the nail with a bright cherry red color. Make sure they are short and round according to the classic oval design. On accented nails, use clear 3D gel polish to swirl right above the red paint. It’s a fun, rose-inspired design that looks great and doesn’t take it too seriously.


24) Normal Friday Red Coffin Nail


Friday is for entertainment. Since it may be a normal Friday at the office, why not give your nails a fun, trendy look? Use deep, dark red glossy paint for a crisp yet carefree look. Make sure you finish it with high gloss. Gear up with gold stacking rings, and you’re ready for the weekend.


25) Santa is coming – Dull and sparkly red


The socks are hung. Gift wrapped. Trees are covered in decorations. Get inspired by some of the best decorated Christmas trees with your claw set this winter. This uses both matte and sparkle for a high fashion impact. Keep some nails a matte finish with a slight shimmer, like an ornament. For others, use a natural almond acrylic nail as a base with a red glitter tip.


26) Nail glitter and dark red blood


Deepen the tone of your red nails a bit for a stylish alternative to bright red nails. This one has just the tiniest sparkle for that extra impact. The blood-red nails are not old Hollywood and more bombs. Think of Sophia Loren rather than Marilyn Monroe. Innocent, they are not.


27) Diamonds and red long nail designs


Sparkling rhinestones mimic the Oscar red carpet style in this acrylic nail design. Style the nails bright red but use a long, oval shape (and we’d say very long.) Add tiny gems to the nail for a sparkly and luxurious look. They were just screaming over the tearful Oscar acceptance speech. You like me! You really like me!


28) Extremely shiny red manicure


Don’t stop at the time of stopping the show. Go for a super high gloss so no one will miss this nail set. Polish your nails in red until you can see your soul clear. This is not the time to whine and retreat with a manicure. Bold. Be courageous. Be a holistic style.


29) Classic short pointed red nails


The print doesn’t have to belong to be haute couture. If you love the tendency to sharp nails, but you don’t want to change how your hands are used, then keeping them short gives you both the best. Choose nails that are moderately high beyond your nails and with nothing to stop your world domination, not even your own.


30) Short blood red natural oval nails


There’s no need to do anything special to the nail if you can find the right red color. Choose nail colors red like shiny blood for a simple nail look that can be more complete when you get tired of minimalistic nails. Red may not be neutral, but it can still make any outfit look chic and clean.


31) Crown Jewels – Red and chunky red metal coffin-shaped nails


There’s nothing minimal about these design nails. The blood-red coffin nail is a great addition to a striking blue nail set. Use sparkling silver foundation paint and attach sparkling rhinestones to the nail base and strategically position the entire nail for a bold, eye-catching look.


32) Minimal cherry red summer manicure


The bright red short nails are perfect for warm, carefree summer days. Keep your nails short, so you don’t have to sit out for any summer activities. Bright, clean red color gives your manicure all that you need. The color would pop on the green grass of that picnic, but the short design still lets you play volleyball or throw a flying saucer.


33) French-style almond nails are the opposite of red


Use natural polish on the nail base and create a triangle toward the tip of the nail. The natural curves of the epidermis soften the point of the triangle. Paint the rest of the nail a bright red lipstick and keep the tip curved in an oval shape for a minimalistic yet impressive look.

French-style almond nails are the opposite of red

34) Nails bright red and red buff


You need short nails, but you don’t want to sacrifice your advantage. This red manicure adds drama first with a super glossy polish and adds an oxblood red tip. Most nails are bright vermilion red, but the color begins to turn a dark burgundy towards the nail’s tip. It’s all edges in a short nail.


35) Red and gray coffin nails


Start with a dark purple Oxblood color at the base of the nail. Gradually paint up to a bright red lipstick color at the top of the lipstick. Keep the nail high gloss so that the ombre really stands out. The finish is a coffin-shaped nail with a middle length adding to the flair.


36) Basic red short nails with a small twist


Basic red nails aren’t necessarily a business. They have a little bit of fun right in the middle. Use matte red glossy paint to contrast with a high gloss base coat. From a distance, it looks like a minimal red nail. Up close, it’s a surprise to traditional manicures.


37) The mother of all red – ball red


This manicure is a bomb. It doesn’t need anything fancy, no rhinestones, no colours, no dancer’s nails. All you need is a soft, naturally shaped nail, plus the deepest red colour and the highest lustre to make this out of the world impact. No one can doubt that.


38) Under Large Peak – The nail is round red, white, and silver


The bomb-shaped red nails are lovely, but when you need a great change for the weekend, give it a try. Take one hand and white the middle nails. On top of it, paint a fun red triangle from toe to toe. On the ring nail, paint a silver stripe in the middle. It’s cute and easy.


39) Queen Of Hearts Cute and easy nail design


If you need a cute design, use these sweet little hearts to bring your fashion to Sunday Breakfast. It’s simple to do. Use almond acrylic nails as a base and paint with the tips of cute round heart designs. There is nothing to it. It’s a normal but perfectly fitting t-shirt for the nail world.


40) Birthday confetti girl and red nails


Manicures can be highly fashionable and impressive, but they can also be entertaining. Opt for the traditional cherry red short acrylic nail, but add a little extra lightness. On prominent nails, use natural nail polish for the base layer, but add rainbow glitter for accents.


41) Short red Stiletto acrylic nails


Pointy nails are the trend. Highlight this year’s style with bright, bright red. A small black dress can do all the glory, but a set of dark red nails feels similar. Everything merged for one night in the town. It is champagne and diamonds. It’s music and dance.


42) Bright red short nails with cute white accents


Here’s another cute nail design. Use bright red glossy paint on top of short nail designs. Each nail has a thin white diagonal line from base to tip. It doesn’t stand out too much, so it goes well with your regular work and weekend outfit. It allows you to be cheerful but can still be serious when you need something serious.


43) High fashion glossy red nails


Grab the dark red nail, but make it deeper. This red color has considerable depth and drama. We recommend this short nail design so as not to take away the beautiful red color. It’s a classy design that delivers a lot of impact with very little maintenance required.


44) Ombre short square nail design


Ombre used to be a hair trend for a while now, and now it’s a new nail polish idea. Get a beautiful burgundy colour, almost black, and start at the base of the nail. As you continue towards the top, lighten the red until it turns into a fun red lipstick color. Keep nails short and square. Use high gloss paint for the greatest drama.


45) Bright red poppy fields with floral accents


Give this red nail set something, extra sweet. On accented nails, use a white base coat and paint a fun poppy pattern. Keep things imperfect for style. They are a shabby chic design that looks great with fluffy skirts and large sunglasses. Red flowers are a timeless design.


46) Amazing dark red Stiletto nail design


Keep your advantage but eliminate upkeep. This uniform colour nail set is made up of trendy pointed nails of moderate length, but the red is a deep pink-red. It’s bright, bold and a bit flashy without being overly bright. Pair it up with fun summer heels and your night out on the town is done.


47) Cute and simple glitter hearts and nails


Glitter goes with everything, and the red sparkle heart is all the rage. This nail set can be dressed up for a formal manicure or worn for a light “jeans and t-shirt” manicure style. Not many manicurists follow you from afternoon tonight, but this one does.


48) Snow White And The Huntsman Edgy Manicure


Snow white skin and rose-red lips. Extremely pointed nails are a sharp addition to manicures. Highlights the look with a deep, shimmering red colour. On an accented nail, the nail polish is sparkling, sparkling white. Now you have Snow White’s magic right at your fingertips.

Dark red nail design

49) Minimalistic red nail design with fun gold twist


Already have enough French nails for the job? Going out of town this week and wanting a little more? Let’s take a look at traditional nail styles and tweak it a bit. On the lower half of the nail, paint your usual natural nail color. Halfway to dark red, dark. Right in the middle is a gold rivet for a hint of sexy.


50) Medium length oval red traditional fashion manicure


Red nails are never out of style. Highlight your boldest fashion choices by choosing a classic Old Hollywood outfit at your fingertips. Noble but dangerous, a girl by the side and an all-in-one meat-eating man. It wears up or down as your fashion changes from day today. You don’t always look the same, so get your nails done, so you don’t slow down.


Red nails are the epitome of style. We certainly hope you’ve found your next acrylic nail idea. Don’t worry about becoming a nail addict. There are many manicure styles available, so you’ll never run out of creative, unique nail designs. The perfect nails for you are the ones you love most, no matter what acrylic nailing idea you choose. Make 2018 the year you love red again.


28 Nail Designs Prove Black And Red For The Perfect Look


Nail art is like makeup. It allows us to play with colours and shapes to express hidden moods. Whether we want to convey positivity and optimism in the form of vivid and bright “manicures” or convey a dramatic, dark and moody emotion, there is colour and/or designed to do it. Recently, we have moved to a second aesthetic direction. Blame the change of seasons, but we’re looking to replace some of the brighter colours we’ve worn with something different… let’s say, Addams – approved on Wednesday.


While considering all the possibilities for the best manicure combinations, we asked ourselves: What better choice is the “Addams family” than the combination of black and red? The answer, our friends, is nothing. The black and red nail sets are dark, mysterious, and dramatic in the best way (like the Disney villains and the most iconic Halloween movie characters). We dig deep into Instagram on our own to find the best, and we think we’ve found them. Keep scrolling to see the best black and red nail designs from some of the best nail artists on Instagram.

Nail Designs Prove Black And Red

1. Black with a red border


Alicia Torello is a manicure editor in NYC. She is responsible for this set of romantic dark red and black nails, which the model wore on the Rodarte show’s runway in February 2016. She coated the OPI Iconic Infinite Shine Nail Lacquer in Raisin the Bar ($ 13), and We are in black ($ 11).


2. Lines and Dots


This black and red nail set is powered by Paintbox Nails, a super bustling NYC nail salon (check out their Instagram account for more nail art inspirational images). Clear lines and dots make it the perfect choice for nail minimalists and those who want their nails to work as well in the office as on a weekend brunch.


3. Dalmatian Print


Chillhouse is another trendy NYC nail salon and happens to be a Byrdie editor who loves flawless nails. These are just one example of nail art designs that you might ask for. The red spots and dalmatian spots are inspired by Disney’s iconic villain Cruella de Vil. Inspiration aside, it looks like a piece of modern art.


4. Wavy stripes


Did you know the part in Beetlejuice where Michael Keaton’s character turns into a giant snake creature? That’s what this black and red nail set remind us of, albeit in a cool and minimalistic way. It’s powered by Kesang Gurung, a nail artist in NYC that you can book through Chillhouse. Start with a sand beige foundation (we like Essie Sand Tropez Nail Polish, $ 9). Then, approach true black, white, and crimson colour to get that eye-catching doodle detail.


5. Reverse manicure


Naomi Yasuda is one of our favourite nail artists following on Instagram, and this is just one of the many inspirational nail designs you’ll find on her page. This black and red inverted French nail polish was made for a fashion show by Adam Selman, though we will wear it in everyday life. Don’t think we didn’t notice that kajal rock ‘n’ roll inky liner, …


6. Ombré Corset


Yasuda is also the artist behind these incredibly captivating corset manicures that, to us, all look forward to being worn during fall and winter (not to mention Halloween). What really takes these to the next level is the subtle red-black ombré sole.


7. Red flame


Yasuda is also in charge of manicures at Kenzo’s fall 2018 show during Paris Fashion Week. These fiery black and red nails contrast with the blue floral lace designs. Both are simply unbelievable, though we have to admit that we have a special place in our hearts for those crimson flames. They are bold, impressive and eye-catching.

Red flame

8. Vampire roses


Yasuda’s Instagram account is really full of nail art. This time it is a set of black and red rose somewhat romantic nails and vampire. To us, it seemed like the perfect fusion of Disney Princess and Morticia Addams (interestingly this was our ideal aesthetic for the cool months of the year).


9. Winter Tartan


Why not grab your favourite fall and winter fabrics and make them your new manicure set? We think these tartan nail sets by manicurist Mei Kawajiri are nothing short of astonishing. Sure, we’ll admit that you’ll need more than just black and red polish, but the extra effort (and colouration) will be well worth it.


If you’re not in the mood, consult your favorite fall fabrics for new nail painting ideas.


10. Hawaiian flowers


Believe it or not, these gel nails are hand-painted. It just shows what a professional manicurist can do – look at that detail and precision.


11. Smoked flowers


For us, this pink design is the ultimate example of great nail art. Everything about it is perfect, from the whims of roses to the clear to black ombré background. Again, we were haunted.


12. Straight stripes


If you’re looking for an easy-to-reproduce black and red look at home, we definitely recommend giving this plaid print a try. Start with a red base, apply a cross-shaped stripe tape and paint with black paint on top. You’re done in just three easy steps.


13. Nature accents


If plants haunt you, this look is perfect for your alley. Hand-painted green (black of course) is super chic and unique, and the red diagonal stripes make this nail look cool.


14. Custom illustrations


With nail art, there are really no limits. And if you’re feeling creative, we recommend asking a professional to paint your own designs as these little tips are poetically adorned with vines and flowers.


15. Future Shape


We imagine this theme will be hot both now and far in the future. It gives off a UFO vibe and is definitely an eye-catching look.

Future Shape

16. Kissing and hugging


We all revolve around a frantic statement, and this story screams Valentine’s Day, though we have to admit that we’ll be sporting this look very well through Valentine’s Day. And the cat with a heart is too cute.


17. Leopard Print


There’s something about matte nails that takes us twice as much. These chestnut earrings and black leopard motifs leave us in awe.


18. Waves for Daze


This wavy nail design is a matte masterpiece. We like the way each nail has slightly different waves for hair removal and fading effect.


19. Super cute


Point to the blank: This cursive nail art is great. However, if you have a seriously steady hand, you can recreate it yourself, however, keep in mind that it can take some practice.


20. Half and a half


Take a minute to immerse yourself in the beauty of these semi-personalized nails truly. This nail set is simply one of those unique paints with matte and glossy black sides and a red heartbroken down to match.

Half and a half

21. Sparkling Swoops


These shimmering vinyl records give us great emotions about the English language, even though we cannot understand what they actually say. However, they caught our attention and were not ignored.


22. Dracula’s Canine


How precious are these naked fangs (not to mention fierce)? While they’re especially suited for Halloween, they can be worn at any time of the year to add a bit of edge to your everyday look.


23. Drops of blood


This drip nail design may be bloody inspired, but it looks like a piece of pop art in real life. In other words, we dig it.


24. Hand drawn roses


Aiming for a dark Ophelia vibe? These black and red rose nails are an interesting choice. Best of all, you can make them yourself. Start with a red base, then use a toothpick to dipped in black polish to carefully each petal.


25. Gradient from black to red


From bright orange-red to full black, these discoloured nails offer loads of contrast and even more chic style. To make your own, start with a red base layer and then use a small sponge to cover the vibrant black colour.


26. The sickle vortex


These black and red nails have an artistic graffiti effect we can’t stop looking at. Since it’s quite abstract, it’s a manageable DIY device.


27. Impressive French tips


These negative space nails immediately attracted our attention and hearts. With French tips and black and red details, what’s left not to fall in love with?


28. Geometry shape


If minimal nail designs are your only speed, get inspired by Yasuda’s red and black geometric nails for Elle. The sharp shape and vivid colour make for an interesting dichotomy between each nail.


29. Hot, red tip


A modern and modern way to paint a little red on your nails has recently been noticed by Lana del Rey. Lana’s long pointed nails with hot red spikes sparked a whole new passion for the style, and variations didn’t take long to emerge. Today the French red nail set still looks eye-catching and fresh, but there are a few ways you can spice it up: by adding a few white polka dots, by marking it with a white line. thin or by forming small hearts on the nail tips of the nails.


30. Nail accents


An extremely popular way to style regular red nails is to add an accent nail in the mix. The usual candidate for this task is a ring finger, whose nails have been specially treated in the form of a contrasting, geometric, or sparkling pattern.


The effect is absolutely stunning, making this style one of the most popular red nail styles to date.


31. Two melodies


Feel like trying something out of the box? Then the two-tone nail design is for you! Combine your favorite red nail polish with black or white and get creative! An inverted triangle is a prominent look but easy to achieve. The same simple but sexy red and black French manicure. And if you want a vintage look, paint the moon of your nails in white or silver. The final effect is classy, ​​with a touch of old Hollywood.


32. Strange design


Okay, for these you have to be willing to do your best. Spend some time aside and start diagramming the design’s layout. If you are pursuing a geometric style, prepare a few thin strips of tape that will help you complete a perfect design. However, if you want polka dots, start by identifying the right gear. Needle tips, toothpicks or Q-Tips are often the best candidates for the job.


Whichever style you choose, you must end up with stunning red nail designs. Which one is your favorite?


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