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80+ Most Beloved White Nails Designs For Nails Salon Owners

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When creating an interesting yet luxurious look to your nails, consider white nail designs. Bright, sharp colours make your nails stand out, while their neutral properties make them look out of fashion.

White nail art is growing in popularity and looks great with any skin tone. You can paint your nails white in any way you like. They look great either long or short, natural or acrylic, and they often combine beautifully with fun and unique highlighting. Many of these great designs stem from the use of classic white in French nail art. However, many styles go beyond just white into designs that are much more complex and attractive.

Let’s check 80+ Most Beloved White Nails Designs!

20 Excellent White Hand Nail Design For Copying

As one of the best colours this season, this shade colour is the perfect blank picture for any nail art. There are loads of ways to retrofit your fingertips, from the polka-dot pattern to the updated French manicure. Keep scrolling to get white nail designs for your next manicure.


  1. White and yellow nails

Why only have white nails when you can add a bit of gold? This boho-inspired nail set is impressive, thanks to its sparkling lines and patterns. Add light pink details to add depth to your design or keep the vintage look in two colours. It’s a great choice for a fancy event or a home photoshoot for Instagram.


  1. Black and white design

This standout combo is always a great idea, whether it’s an evening out with friends or a day at the office. Inspired by the mod designs of the 60s, this fun set of hooves is sure to capture the attention. Use black paint to draw a narrow outline around your white nail’s edges and separate the middle part into two parts. You can create this pattern on one finger or all over your hand – it’s modern, timeless.


  1. White French style tip with pearls

Update your current manicure with this stunning design. French tip is a traditional style that will suit almost any outfit. The delicate and elegant pearl close to the cuticle enhances the overall look and will look stunning at any event.


  1. Pink and white design
Pink and white design

If you are a lover of geometric and pink shapes, you will love this design. With sharp lines on the nails in pink and purple colours, this is a bold and elegant nail style for anyone. If you like different colours, turn everything in a neutral grey or even bright blue. It’s a fun way to paint white nails with trendy frills!


  1. White nail design with stars

Shine bright like the night sky with these beautiful nails. The combination of white and pastel colour adds depth to an already stunning set of nails. Choose colours jewellery like light blue, coral, or mint – they’re vibrant enough to stand out yet classic enough for any event. Place the stars on your middle finger and ring finger for a subtle yet captivating result.


  1. White and gold nail design

This gold-plated nail polish takes your white nail polish to the next level. Using metallic gold gloss paint, you can carefully paint the geometric lines on your fingertips, making each digit a different pattern. For a more elegant finish, choose a pale pear shade for the base layer.


  1. Blue and white nails

One of the most trending shades this season is powder blue, so why not paint it on your nails? This cute and easy nail polish idea is simple to recreate and looks good for anyone. Take three colours, white and two different shades of pastel blue, and paint each nail differently. This style is perfect for summer and is a popular and refreshing choice.


  1. White coffin nails

Elegant and simple, these coffin nails have it all. Stylish looks are a great way to stretch your fingers, and the glossy white finish will elevate your outfit and brighten your outfit. Leave all fingertips intact or add a striking nail design. The options are endless for this manicure, so you can try something new every week and look divine.


  1. White and silver nails

For those who love everything elegant and sophisticated, this nail set is an ideal choice. The design is inspired by quartz and looks almost as precious as a stone. Using a silver polish or a metal strip, you can add size and depth to your nails. It’s a great alternative to wearing jewellery for a night out; let your hands do the talking.


  1. Red and white nails
Red and white nails

Feeling a little romantic? Then why not show it off with these white and red nails. The funny shapes on each nail resemble hearts, but the abstract design makes it a pioneer. Complete the look with metallic arrows through the colours for the perfect finish. It’s a great way to celebrate your anniversary, Valentine’s Day, or just a special night out.


  1. Simple white nails

Sometimes the simplest things are the most beautiful. These classic white nails are a statement and will definitely elevate whatever outfit you wear. Not only are they perfect for any season of the year, but they also stretch your fingers so you can wear them at any length. Add some jewels to perfection.


  1. White with glitter nails

This manicure is simple yet elegant. The soft addition of a signature sparkle on the nail enhances your overall look without doing too much. Watch people start to compliment you on having beautiful nails.


  1. Cute white nail design

Some designs last through challenging times, so why not show them on your nails? This cute piece of art is simple and sophisticated, and it looks perfect on any primary colour. Choose earth tones as a second colour for your nails to stand out, such as pastel pink or duck egg blue. This gorgeous colour combo will be your favourite for many years to come.


  1. White design with diamonds

Take your nail art to the next level by adding some crystals to the standout nail. This iridescent style is the best way to bring out an outfit, but it’s elegant enough for almost any event. Choose a few shades to bring out the white base – light pink and magenta that match the nails.


  1. White Flower Nail Design

Take a trip to flower fields with this beautiful nail art. Although the design is straightforward, the colours balance makes it remarkable. A great way to reproduce this style is to find a transparent sticker or print with subtle floral motifs. You can place it on top of the nail or horizontally – there are loads of options with this nail set. As a final step, apply a matte finish to a soft finish.


  1. Pink and white ombre design
Pink and white ombre design

The French foundation has just been upgraded. This pink and white ombre perfectly balances the two colours and is the perfect style for a formal event like a wedding. Choose from short, coffin, or almond-shaped fingernails – countless lengths will fit the design perfectly.


  1. White nail with the prominent ring finger

Everyone deserves an injection of a little colour into their lives, so why not do it with holographic nails? The white around it serves as the perfect contrast. Why mingle when you want to stand out?


  1. White nails with hearts

Just like your traditional French manicure, this stunning design adds striking colours to your fingertips. However, why not spice things up by adding a love heart shape to the tip of your nail? Remember to find a reputable nail technician to complete this look – it requires balance and firmness. It is best suited for people with almond-shaped nails.


  1. White nail with letters

Let your hands do the talking with this beautiful manicure. The black and white contrast is a bold statement to draw attention, but the letters on each nail dominate. Choose a word with three or four letters and fill each letter with your finger.


  1. White abstract design

Let your imagination exaggerate with this white abstract design. The pastel and metallic markings look great – add some tiny polka dots on the nail for extra size. Nails work perfectly for any nail length, and you can fit almost any occasion.

50 Cool And Fashionable White Nail Designs For Any Occasion

Choosing a manicure can be very difficult. You want something that stands out, but you also want to make sure it goes with your entire wardrobe, not just one outfit. Choosing a fun and handy nail can be challenging, but one of the options is definitely white nail designs.

Cool nail design

When choosing a white nail design, you can be sure that your nails will fit almost anything. Although white is on the opposite end of the spectrum than black, it has some similarities like accessibility. Anyone can cut cool white nails – you have to do it.


The white nails are great for special occasions and are great for a formal get-together or a night out in town. They can be easily worn up or down, and there are so many great designs to choose from so you should have no trouble finding one that looks good and fits your needs.


The striking white nail designs here range from basic like matte white paint on natural nails to elaborate like nails with beautiful accents. Whichever look you choose, you can be sure that your new fun white nail design will look great.


  1. Opaque white nails with clear rose accents

Using two white colours, this look has a lot of style and class. Beautiful white rose-accented nails add the perfect accent to the design without going overboard. The choice to put it on an obvious basis is genius and produces a perfect effect.


  1. All the nails are matte white

If you want an easy and elegant look, then these nail sets are a perfect choice. A single colour creates a bold look without being frilly or fussy. Ensure that your nails have been trimmed and shaped well when you decide to use a single colour. When it’s simple, every little detail is displayed.


  1. Solid white nails with minimalist artistic accent nails

These bright white nails really stand out on their own, but add a cool minimalistic art portrait to accentuate and set them apart from this world. The artwork is highlighted by the nails’ true white colour and done in a very distinctive way.


  1. Gloss grey and white vein

Gray and white skin go well together because they are only a few shades apart. In this design, the grey is kept clean while the white has a gentle marble effect. Which nail colour offset on each hand is a creative idea and creates a unique and fashionable overall.


  1. Black and white colours

A classic combination, these almond-shaped bright black and white alternate nails are the best of both worlds. This stylish white nail idea uses both colours for a bright, dark dynamic look. Wear this playful outfit for a whimsy night or a fun dressing party. These nails are super fun but still light enough to wear regularly.


  1. Creamy white nail ideas

Smooth and creamy, these dark white nails are ready for everyday use. Their sharp square cutout gives a bit of an edge for a soft look. Choose a colour that matches your skin tone to give a complete look. The absence of accented nails means a solid finish that fits any design.


  1. Classic and chic black and white nail art
    Classic and chic black and white nail art
    Classic and chic black and white nail art

These elegant matte black and white finishes are standard and take it to the next level. The consistent look of black nails is a great stabilizer, while the angled accents on white nails add an artistic touch. There is only enough sparkle to make these nails shine. With these, your nails are sure to be successful.


  1. Easy and simple nails to show off your bling

This beautiful white nail set does a flawless simplicity and takes advantage of clean and fresh colours to accentuate gorgeous nails and beautiful rings. Bring this lovely look to your day or wear it for a special occasion. You can never go wrong with this cute white nail idea.


  1. Beautiful green foliage canopy on a bright white background

These pale green palms look beautiful and tropical against a bright white background. The two colours contrast well and create a playful overall look and exude a playful spirit. Keep this design for a few nails or make an entire set for a real jungle-inspired look.


  1. Matte white nails with sparkling accents

With almost purple undertones, these white nails do their job as a foundation to create a stunning shine. White is the best colour to show off any rainbow you get in the sparkle of the accent nail and the sparkle of a diamond.


  1. French manicure with flair

French manicure has always been a great vintage style to choose from, and this version gives it a cute and sweet addition. The tiny dots on every other nail make this French manicure distinctive, as does the base colour a little pink. This look is cute and hilarious and looks great for a wedding night or dating.


  1. Two-tone white classic French manicure

Few nail styles are admired than a perfectly executed French manicure. The white tips make the nail look clean and subtle, and the overall shine and shine give the nail a pristine look. One of the best aspects of French nails is the ability to wear anywhere and with anything.


  1. Blinged Out Ballerina White Nail Art

These long white textured nails are simple, but with a few diamond coloured diamonds, they transform into something more interesting. Placing the gems on the tip of the nail will lengthen the nail and create a wonderful sparkle whenever you move your hand.


  1. Near-nude square-shaped perforated nails

If you want to make, your nails look good but don’t want anything flashy, consider these next natural colour nails. The polish used here makes the nails look a bit opaque and a pleasant sparkle. As always, be sure to trim your nails neatly for this clean and beautiful look.


  1. Sexy and glamorous Marilyn Monroe-themed nails

If you’re looking to pay tribute to your favourite glamorous celebrity, these manicure nails are a great option. This design features Miss Monroe, but you can always combine it and use a photo of your own favourite star. Trimming black and white images with bright white and 3-dimensional white diamond highlights creates a stunning and unique look.


  1. Simple and classy white nail design

These long and sleek ballerina nails are playful and sophisticated at the same time. They exude a sleek and classy look with pink white and elegant rhinestones that accentuate your own beauty. Wear these manicures almost anywhere, and you will surely receive a lot of compliments for your hot white nails.


  1. Metallic regal white nails

This amazing French manicure has removed the classic white tip and replaced it with a rose gold metallic strip. The classic wearable as well, but with a little more pizazz, put on this look no matter what you’re planning. These nails are great for school, work, dating, or events.


  1. Squared off the bright white tip

With just a hint of white at the tips, this French square nail polish is everything. Extremely luxurious, you can wear these nails for any occasion and always look stylish and stylish. The bright white flakes work perfectly to distinguish the tip of your nail from the rest subtly. The overall look is delicate and very beautiful.


  1. Amazingly shiny and shiny white

Almost futuristic, this wonderfully shimmering set flows like silk on the nails and gives off a trendy vibe. Perfectly trimmed and shaped nails ensure nothing can strip the power of this vibrant white nail design. These will be great nails for a night out on the street.


  1. Square acrylic white nail design


These pretty nails are as sweet as candy with a slightly pinkish white colour. The square top gives a solid finish to these splendidly beautiful nails that they can last for days. Using multiple layers creates layers and depth for this perfectly polished look.


  1. Vibrant white nails with marble accents and leaves

In addition to white nails, another growing trend in the nail art world is the use of different nails. While white nails dominate this look, the art of foil and marble nails really stands out. The combination of ancient marble patterns with bold and modern gold stripes creates an unforgettable design that anyone will be satisfied with.


  1. Nail Art Sparkling White Nail Art

This super cute white nail idea gives you the right nails for the fairy princess. The faded pink base is combined with sparkling rhinestones for a super memorable and playful look. Add more gems to sparkle even more or edit them to create a less sparkling look, the choice is yours.


  1. Confetti white nails with bright orange decorative accents

Stand out for your next birthday party with fun white confetti nails with a bright glow. Tiny sparkling particles scattered throughout the white paint reflect colour and light, while bold accent nails create an interesting look and use white designs to tie them together. Don’t be afraid to try out different striking designs and colours.


  1. Bright and dark silver-coated nails

When starting with new white nail designs, using metal is always a good choice. These nails start with the same lovely smooth and bright white foundation, but the use of a tarnished cooling silver coating on the half of the nail adds a huge accent of texture and style.


  1. Pink glitter and confetti white nail designs

You will ask who turned on champagne pink with this fun and glamorous pink nail set. Great for any occasion where you want to feel special, these gorgeous multi-toned nails are sure to be an instant hit. And besides their guaranteed popularity, these pedicures will always bring a smile to your face.


  1. White round nails with triangular marks

Sometimes, a subtle look says it best. These designs look pretty faint with their subtle, neutral colours but take a closer look, and you’ll find the design work intricate and enjoyable. Each nail set is like a small piece of art with interesting angles and shapes to work with. Play with pallets for a subtle look like this or use brighter colours for a more daring statement.



  1. Beautiful, seductive emerald-coloured quartz design

This look shows how perfect a white nail can be. The emerging rhinestones are clearly distinguished and add a glamorous sparkle while the deep white retains its own character as support but present base. A slightly sparkling accent polish works well between rhinestones and white background.


  1. Glitter nails with sparkle

A playful and cute sparkle always creates the best white nail designs. This black and white number is no exception with just enough glare to be fun but not too much to be awkward. The gentle sparkle on the basic nails makes the larger sparkling black and white spots stand out while remaining cohesive.


  1. Sparkling golden and white almond shaped short nails

When looking for nails that you can wear for the big upcoming event or just to make a good first impression, these adorable almond-shaped golden nails are a perfect choice. While these fingernails represent the sparkle and sparkle of New Year’s Eve, the yellow to white colour strikes a balance between luxury and partying.


  1. Easy and fun superstar nails

The matte white nail design can make a big impact without the sparkle and shine. In fact, often, the lack of shine is the main reason why they become distant. This design looks super classy with a matte white base and simple stencils. Mix and match this outfit with your favourite black, white, or silver clothing or accessory for a cohesive, fun, and playful look.


  1. Acrylic long square bright white with yellow accents

When choosing long, one-colour acrylic nails, it can be a great idea to add an interesting touch to the foil accents. The use of gold foil here is straightforward and luxurious, matches the square ends and helps cut out a bit of the visual line of long nails.


  1. Brilliant white with black artistry

To create depth, texture, and design simultaneously, consider using this beautiful rose and dot art. The shimmy white base shines through to accentuate and support playful discrete dots and finely drawn roses. Use dots of different sizes on multiple nails to create a uniform look.


  1. Nail art in black and white marble

These sensual nails are made of black and white marble perfectly to create an almost zebra stripe print. Choosing to do this whole polish makes a big statement. Although on opposing ends of the spectrum, black and white work together very well and can easily be paired with various colours and shades in between.


  1. Beautiful French manicure with a romantic accent

If you are preparing for a wedding or preparing for an anniversary or date, these beautiful nails are very easy to match with any outfit or dress. Sticking to the classic French manicure on the eight nails, the raised and thoughtful white designs on the other two are exotic and perfect for a romantic occasion.


  1. White nails to make your skin shine

As you can see from this example, long white nails are one of the best ways to show off your favourite jewellery. The white on the nail accentuates the diamonds’ glittering white and silver tones, and the long nail tips give the illusion of extra length for your fingers, giving you plenty of ring real estate.


  1. Matte nails with fun yellow and pink accents

These nails are spread out in various colours and styles to create a cohesive and cute overall look. The rose gold and rose gold combination is a lovely choice and accentuates the rose of foil and glitter. The matte white colour really creates a great foundation to show off your hips and is as sweet as sugar nails.


  1. Woodland inspired white nail design


With the tranquil simplicity of a dawn morning, these ombre nails gently fade from the colour matching the model’s skin tone to a light one. Brilliant nails do a great job of combining both colours at the ends of the ombre spectrum for a striking nail reminiscent of birch trees or forest springs.


  1. Black, white, and silver nails are gorgeous and smooth

All of the best white nail designs incorporate contrast, which is fortunately very easy to do as most other colours stand out from white. However, if you want to fully grasp For this, consider mixing black and white together and then choosing sparkling or metallic nails for a combination of textures.


  1. Sleek black and white graphic design

This is definitely one of the best nail designs. It is highly polished and almost looks like a gold cord strung on your fingernail. The foil cuts through and fuses these black and white nails for a stunning look. Since these nails are done without acrylic, you can try recreating them at home.


  1. Super bright white nail design

Combined with antique or dark jewellery, no makeup and bright white nails are a great option. These claws accentuate delicate long fingers and show off the ring perfectly. They are sure to stand out, and no less is sure to be admired. The slightly glossy finish reflects the light perfectly, creating attractiveness and enjoyment for the viewer.


  1. Natural white nails with cool black accents

White nails themselves are always great, but when you really want to show off an interesting set of nails, consider using white as your canvas. This design uses a perfectly executed solid white background and adds a unique and fun black nail art that looks simple to complex with just a few laid outlines.


  1. Glammed out white rock princess nails

These sparkling nails are also suitable for the queen or lead singer. They have a drama of their own and completely stop at the show with bold jewellery accents and bright white stunner index nails. Make this look your own by creating your own rhinestone designs. Don’t be afraid to go wild with this captivating yet playful look.



  1. Sparkling white sparkling nail art

The sparkling white nail designs can range from booming with sequins to subtle. This look is entirely in the middle of the line. With just the right amount of an elegant shimmer, you can wear it anywhere. The bright white colour contrasts with the luxurious nail bed, and the uniquely accented nails are the perfect complementary sparkle.


  1. Sexy white nails with a sparkling bow

This cute and refined look is easy to wear and only delivers a sweet design. Smooth cream colour creates a smooth, mirror-like surface. And then, a cute dark sparkle accent adds a sweet touch to a pretty neutral look. Play with the voice you want to add and don’t be afraid to use different colours and textures.


  1. Flashy and flashy stiletto nails

The great thing about sharp nails’ sharp sleep points is that you can shade and still look classy. These fingernails boast completely pink and soothe its tone down from the little finger ending with almost nude index fingernails. Something is about to falter about this fun and fanciful pose.


  1. ​​White nails with a great modern tone

Pasted Into 80 Most Beloved White Nails Designs For Nails Salon Owners 99

The look includes both a vintage look and a little more fashionable when combining shiny white with ultra-modern earth-tone nails. Using light colour for an accent nail is a smart choice as it helps the dark triangle stand out more and not far from the white of other nails.


  1. Simple white nails with round marks

White nails always look great when combined with a nail with fun and noticeable accents. This mermaid-inspired flake fingernail is exactly that kind of highlight. The decision to lightly blur the design to fit the other nails on top is a genius and produces an almost eye-catching effect.


  1. Long Ballerina nails with a soft bed

Sweet as sparkling champagne pink, these nails are feminine and adorable. The ballerina cut is great when you shrink the look, and the subtle change from pink to sparkling white is simply divine. Perfect for Valentine’s Day or any other romantic occasion, you will definitely feel beautiful these days.


  1. Clean and classic natural white nails

Sometimes there is nothing better than a spotless and natural look. These manicures are easy to do at home if you are willing to take the time to properly shape and prepare your nails. Remember that just like clothes if it’s simple, it has to be simply perfect.


  1. Beautiful round perfect french manicure

French manicures are a great choice when you need nails that you can wear day in and day out for various occasions. This classic roundness gives the user a slightly different look while retaining a subtle beauty. For a subtle approach, choose two polishes that are only a few shades apart.


Sometimes the idea of changing your nail style can be intimidating. With this list, you can narrow your selections to some of the best white nail designs available. You can choose to mimic one of these nail styles, choose one and then add your own vignette to it, or you can even choose to mix and match two or three of your favourite designs.


However you decide to highlight your awesome white nails, these great ideas will get you started. Be bold and don’t be afraid to try something new; you never know what you might love.


14 White Nail Designs Easy To Do At Home (Including Tutorial)

Sharp white nails are a classic option – a simple white nail polish can give a chic look with ease, adding flair to your style. But there’s another reason white nail polish should be the year-round staple in your paint wheel – it’s one of the most versatile shades out there, making it a great base for all types of creative nail designs.


From amazing new points on classic French manicure to intricate white nail art ideas with gold flakes, glittering metal, and metal studs, we’ve put together several models. White nail designs are best for when you are looking for something. A little fresher than the basic French tip. Whether you are captivated by a simple pink-white ombre style or a fun starry sky inspired style, these pale and pretty designs will suit offices, weddings, parties, and More than that – not to mention you keep up with the trends of every season of the year.


  1. Reverse White French Manicure


Add a fun modern twist to basic French tips with this elegant retro French manicure. It’s perfect for a wedding, or even just an everyday chic look.


Now, you might have noticed that the French man was victorious, if not a surprise return – of course with some updates. I’ve been following many classic dazzling modern styles during this season, like lavender colours and jewellery details – and getting a fit for everything from everyday manicures to the wedding nail. The minimalistic French reverse nails on the front are perfect for both situations.

Elegant and powerful, this reversed French style is also effortless to do. Read on for the simple mani instructions below!

How to:

  1. Paint the first layer of reverse French-style white with a primer brush. (Don’t worry if it’s messy.)
  2. Next, with an angled flat brush, clean up the mess if you have any polish on your skin to make the reverse French look cleaner and more precise.
  3. French painting in reverse with a softer polish. Remember, the original doesn’t necessarily look perfect. You can fix anything with an angled brush!
  4. Finish with topcoat after the coat has dried for about two minutes or so.


  1. White nails with black stars


For a unique but equally subtle enthusiast, try this gorgeous starry night manicure. It’s as easy as drawing small black dots with a brush and then sticking these cute star stickers (they also come in gold and silver).

White nail design

Are you a fan of minimal nail art? Then you’ll love this Starry Sky manicure! Decorated with tiny stars and tiny dots resembling the night sky, this black and white nail design is subtle yet luxurious. A great bonus, done extremely easily and quickly.


All you need are some awesome star stickers and a detailed nail brush. My trick for creating tiny dots is – don’t rush! Take your time to put the perfect dots on each nail, and the result will be amazing. Also, even though I leave it glossy, these minimalistic nails will look great with a matte finish.


Finally, if you don’t like black and white, try matching classic black with yellow stars or even pastel white and pink stars. There’s plenty of room for experimentation!


White and black nails, black star nails and white nails


How to:

  1. Start with a protective base coat.
  2. Add 2-3 coats of absolute white nail polish. Cover with a thin coat of paint and allow to dry.
  3. Stick the Black Star sticker on all of your nails. Here’s my best tip on how to apply the perfect nail polish.
  4. Create small dots of different sizes with 01 Warrior brush.
  5. Seal with a glossy finish, and you’re done. Easygoing!
  6. Minimalistic nail art, 01 best nail art warrior


  • ORLY Nailtrition – the background layer
  • OPI Funny Bunny
  • SoNailicious 002 Classic Stars – Black
  • SoNailicious brush 01 Warrior – to create small dots
  • SoNailicious brush 04 Slayer – clean around the cuticles
  • Mavala Gel Finish Top Coating
  1. Forest jewellery on white nails


This fun design is created with a plaid brush for a clean and bold look. Give your nail set extra flash by experimenting with different colours and patterns.

Forest jewellery on white nails

How to:

  1. Hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
  2. Clean then prep nails with an essie base coat.
  3. Apply two coats of coconut cove.
  4. Create a large dot with berried treasures at the base the nail, near the cuticle. using the striping brush, apply two short horizontal dashes with hiking heels, like an equal sign.
  5. Use the striping brush to create a triangle shape with viva antigua! add three small dots with berried treasures in a triangle shape.
  6. Create a medium dot with hiking heels. using the striping brush, create three vertical dashes with viva antigua!.
  7. Seal with essie top coat.

     4. White and yellow nails

These nude to white nails are a great choice for any occasion. If you want your nails to glitter, add some gorgeous gold foil accents on top.

White nails

How to:

  1. Have a quick white and nude gradient mani to share with you today.
  2. Add some gold foil
  3. Put it on every single mani. Pick up some silver foil.
  4. Use Zoya Mckenna and Snow White for the gradient.
  5. Sponge them on with a makeup sponge.
  6. Tap some gold foil on and sealed it all with the fave topcoat: NYC Grand Central Station

    5. White Geode Manicure

Nature lovers, please note: Each nail in this set of nails is different, but they all fit together beautifully. To make organic geode designs stand out against a crisp white background, lay out a layer of bold colors and cool tones – then stick to the gold texture highlight with foil glue.

White Geode Manicure
White Geode Manicure

Did you know that Indigo Nails also carries normal nail polishes? I finished this design with all of Indigo’s regular nail polish. The original part of the Mani is white. Mr White gives a complete opacity in two coats of paint. For the geocoding section, I used a lot of different colours (some mixed).


To fully understand what colours I have mixed, please see the instructions. You’ll also find a full list of polishes under the video (with clickable links). Here is a list of all the polishes used: Cherry Pie, Magnifique, Ciao Bella, Too Many Colors, Call Me a Unicorn, Million Dollar Baby and Paris Blue.


The foil has been stuck with foil glue. It’s a lot easier to use glue instead of sticking the foil to the nail polish. The purple part was dry before I made the foil step.


I feel like the key to geode nail art is forgetting accuracy. Create liquid and organic shapes for beautiful colour blends. Also, I think my shape is a bit too sharp. They should be a little smoother and more rounded. You should only let the brush dance on your nails until you are satisfied with the blend. When you first start painting, nail art can look terrible for a while. When you add the golden elements and dissolve the polish a little, it all blends.


By the way, I used Indigo Master Art 002 for this design. It is a small brush with short and firm bristles.


What do you think of this geode nail art? Do you think my first attempt was successful or not? Let me know your thoughts in the comments below. I am quite satisfied with this design. Also, I feel like I want to create a different geocode with a different colour scheme!


  1. White nails with tropical flowers


Summer vibe with this lovely pink floral design – cute tropical accents can easily upgrade the basic nail style. To perfect your design, use the dot tool to create petals before adding a dot in the center of each flower.

White nails with tropical flowers

How to:

  1. Hydrate with apricot cuticle oil.
  2. Clean then prep nails with your favorite essie base coat.
  3. Paint entire nail with 2 coats of coconut cove.
  4. Using a dotting tool dipped in berried treasures, create each petal. start with a dot and pull each to meet in the center of the flower. pro tip: each flower should have 3-5 petals.
  5. Add a dot of viva antigua! in the center of each flower.
  6. Top with a coat of essie gel•setter.


  1. White watercolour nails


To get that look, start with a white background layer, then add a gentle color for a subtle watercolor effect. To make your watch more unique, add gold pieces and studs for trendy metal accents.

White watercolour nails
White watercolour nails

We enjoyed this experiment with Watercolor nails. So we are sharing step-by-step instructions so you can try this new technique as well. It’s incredibly fun, quick and easy. You just need your imagination, some pretty colors and yellow leaves ..


When we first reviewed the Mavala Delicate collection, we got inspired to do some design. You can see the first one here, today we will show you the second and the third next week.


ThWe’reoing to show you about the nail art technique that n easily be applied to dozens of other nail patterns in any color you like. In Australia it’s spring so pastel color means a lot to us, but if you want to tweak this hairstyle for colder weather just use a dark shade.


  1. How to:
  2. Paint 3 coats of white nail polish on all nails and apply 1 coat of quick-drying polish. Let dry for 15-20 minutes.
  3. Work your nails one by one. Apply light pink, orange, and cream dots randomly in the center of the nail.
  4. Wet the wide nail brush with acetone and drip the dots. Use a brush to gently pat the lacquered surface (do not touch the nail) to help the acetone spread and wash off the color. Repeat steps 2 and 3 on all nails.
  5. Take gold flake foil and use tweezers to tear a few small pieces. Using a brush to paint nail details, pick up pieces of gold and place them randomly on each nail. Stick a few studs on the foil.
  6. Finish off your nail design with 2 coats of clear polish.

NOTE: step 1 is very important. If you do not let your nails dry after applying the topcoat, the acetone will dissolve through the substrate without creating the desired watercolor effect.



  • Mavala 49 White
  • Mavala 254 Lilac Orchid
  • Mavala 258 Cream Orchid
  • Mavala 263 Mango Orchid
  • Mavala Gel Finish Top coat
  • Banknote and flakie gold studs
  • Wide flat nail polish brush
  • Acetone


  1. Sparkling silver and white nails

This sparkling silver and white design is a simple yet stylish one that can take any holiday party outfit to the next level – all you need to recreate that sparkly look is Silver sparkle polish and some ribbons.

Sparkling silver and white nails
Sparkling silver and white nails

We are walking in a winter wonderland, sparkling with sparkling silver and white Manicure Tutorials! Powered OPI’s Alpine Snow, Inglot’s # 201, and silver-striped ribbons for bold accents. For this winter whiteRelive your manicure fantasies with help from our steps below!

  1. White jelly nail

Upgrade traditional white tips with a mani playing with negative space. Simply recreating the look by applying two parallel layers of nail polish and then painting the tips of your nails white. To take things to the next level, add a diamond per finger.

White jelly nail

Products used:

  • Ella Mila: Pure Love £ 8.36 available
  • Nail types of vinyl
  • Jelly from the BornPretty Store. Currently £ 1.73 available
  • Barry M: Wet suit jacket

How to:

  1. Start with my base coat and let it dry.
  2. Then apply 2 parallel types of vinyl nails and painted the letterheads with white paint.
  3. Remove the vinyls to immediately leave an impact on the French double tip.
  4. Cover it all with a coat that dries quickly and adds rhinestones.

White pink ombre nails

For a natural and refined look, this subtle pale pink to white gradient works well with both short and long nails. Just use a makeup sponge to create a pretty white layer on top of the pink glossy paint.

White pink ombre nails

Classic French manicure has some serious competition with this week’s Ombre White manicure guide! The pale pink to white gradient gives a natural and completely luxurious look, perfect for special occasions or an evening out with your bride! Grab your polish and foam to get this cute look!

80 Most Beloved White Nails Designs 210
Most Beloved White Nails Designs


  1. White nails with flowers

Spring is welcome any time of the year with this colorful floral nail set with a delicate design on a white background. It’s a beautiful look that can be recreated using a thin art brush for the leaves and a dot tool for the petals.

White nail with flowers

Looking for an idea for a fresh and easy floral nail set? Well, you’ll love this Siberian Pansy nail painting tutorial. I loved the Siberian summer and all it has to offer, especially the variety of flowers. There are delicate wildflowers in the forest and larger flowers in the garden in the chalet. If you are following me on Snapchat (SoNailicious), you must have seen all my century flower reports. But of the dozens of flowers blooming this June, the Siberian Pansy caught my attention the most.


Apparently, Pansies grow wild in many different counties and have many different names. In Russia, it is “Anyutini Glazki” which means “Anna’s eyes”. Kitsa, one of our readers from Denmark, noted that they are called “Stedmorblomster” which translates to “Step-Mom-flowers” ​​and in Latvia, our collaborator Elina says they are “Atraitnites” or “widows”. Isn’t it interesting that different cultures interpret the same thing in different ways?


Now, let’s see how you can create your own Pansy floral nail designs!


You will probably need:

  • White and a little bright nail polish
  • Striped nail polish brush
  • Dot tool
  • Basic jacket and topcoat
  • Nail drawing instructions

How to:

  1. Apply one coat of base coat, then paint all nails with 2-3 coats of milky white nail polish.
  2. Using a thin nail brush and paint grass green, draw leaves on each nail as shown in the image.
  3. Using the large end of the dot tool, place large petals of different colors on each nail. For how to make flowers with the dot tool, refer to this manicure tutorial.
  4. With the smaller end of the dot tool, create dark purple (or black) inner details of the petals on all the flowers.
  5. With the smaller end of the dot tool and paint in yellow, make the center of the flowers.
  6. Let your design dry for a few minutes. Clean around the cuticles where needed and apply two coats of gloss paint on top. Done!
  7. Pansy flower nail art

Used: FABY Optic White (white), Sea Siren Cosmetics Gossip, Tranquility and some other shiny paints, Essie Good To Go top coat, 02 Needle nail brushes and these dot tools.


So is Pansies growing in your country? If so, what do you call them? Also, how do you like pop art nails?


  1. White chevron stripe nails

With geometric chevron stripes on white, this mani makes your nails look longer using elongating “V” shapes that point towards the tips. It’s a simple and minimalistic look that’s still classy.

When it comes to our spring 2015 mani arsenal, we have our sights set on clean and minimal! Our White Chevron Negative Space Nail Tutorial below takes that chic, white mani that you love, and freshens it with a cool negative space design. Love this look? Check out our full tutorial below!

White chevron stripe nails
White chevron stripe nails
  1. “White on Time” Manicure


This is the perfect manicure to show off as the clock ticks down to midnight at your New Year’s Eve celebration. Just add a base of white, then draw on the numerals and dials with acrylic paint.

Most Beloved White Nails Designs For Nails Salon Owners

I love the white face with the blue dials and the date indicator at the bottom is a lovely added touch. It’s low profile, so I don’t have a big monster of a watch strapped to me all day (I have a larger watch that ends up bothering me as the day goes on and I usually end up taking it off).


The leather strap is adorable as well. This watch comes in various leather colours, but the Durham shade I got changes colour with movement and wear. You can see near the watch face, the leather is much darker, and then where it bends around my wrist, it lightens pretty drastically. This happened with the first wear of the watch, and it’s personally something I really appreciate…but keep that in mind if you’re not a fan of that finish.


The only thing I wish was different was the strap length. I have TINY wrists, and even though I can buckle this all the way to the 3rd the last hole, I don’t like how short the extra strap is. If you have larger wrists, just keep in mind that you may not have much extra length on this. Make sure to measure before ordering! The only thing I wish was different was the strap length. I have TINY wrists, and even though I can buckle this all the way to the 3rd the last hole, I don’t like how short the extra strap is. If you have larger wrists, just keep in mind that you may not have much extra length on this. Make sure to measure before ordering!


  1. Double-Corner French White Nails

Pasted Into 80 Most Beloved White Nails Designs For Nails Salon Owners 255

For a twist on a basic French tip, this “double-corner French” mani is a fresh alternative that keeps your hands looking chic and modern. All you need is a detail brush to make a line along the top and bottom corners of your nails.


How to:

  1. Apply here to stay top coat for a smooth polish application
  2. Add one layer of mademoiselle to nails.
  3. Use a detail brush dipped in blanc to create a “tapered” line along the top and bottom corners of each nail.
  4. Set nails with matte about you topcoat
  5. Finish by moisturizing skin with apricot cuticle oil


Frequently asked questions



Are white nails classy?


White nails are a luxurious, sharp, and fresh choice for your next manicure. It’s a clean shade that works well with every other colour and perfectly matches artistic designs. The only thing to keep in mind is that the chipping can be more noticeable with white colour to maintain your mani maintenance.


Are white nails common?


White nails are trendy, especially with the development of nail art and design. It’s a great neutral colour that acts as a blank medium for anything you want to pair with it. It’s fresh, crisp, and elegant.


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