The spa industry has recently grown to be an international business model which is being pursued by thousands of people all around the world. Besides, spa management skills also require a lot of time & effort to achieve.

In the past, you might travel a long way just to take part in a classic spa management course because it was frequently opened in the US.

However, with the development of technology, spa managers can now join in the most accredited spa management courses from home & get the same quality as studying offline in a class.

Keep surfing & discovering 12 COMPREHENSIVE spa management courses online that may fit your spa business!

5 Must-Have Skills For Spa Managers To Succeed

1. Spa sales, marketing & PR

No matter what kind of spa you own, how luxurious or well-equipped it is, a successful spa is when it is known by customers. Obviously, this will take time and a strategic spa business plan to achieve.

Everything will be easier if the spa managers have knowledge and understanding in Sales, Marketing to boost revenue by developing customer’s data & experience as well as PR skill to beautify your spa brand in customer’s mind.


2. Spa leadership skill

In fact, spa leadership covers a lot of aspects ranging from fundamentals, group dynamics, how to handle conflict, communication and so on. To run your spa business smoothly, spa leadership is definitely a must-have skill!

You may learn hard skills in spa therapy courses, but only in spa management courses, you are taught about how to solve a team’s problem in an effective and sophisticated way.


3. Spa finance management

Undoubtedly, finance is the most sensitive but essential business aspect every spa manager has to control since spa finance is related to many other big decisions such as the purchase of facilities, labor,…

In spa management courses online you will be trained about finance management fundamentals, KPIs in financial report, profit & loss statement,…


4. Spa human resources

HR is also a business criterion that spa owners should take into consideration. How to hire the best spa staff? How to train them? How to keep their commitment? are common questions of spa managers. The key is in your HRM (Human resources management skill). Let’s create a good company culture & benefits to build your spa sustainably.

Spa human resources also include labor contract, job posts, and other HR manual activities.


5. Spa service quality controllation

Good service makes excellence is always right in the spa industry. Make your customers feel cherished and respected is the key to compete with other spas in this modern time.

You will learn about spa daily operations, customer service, spa routines and standards, service menu and so on to build a perfect service for your spa business. Make sure to take a spa management course online seriously to achieve all those skills!


I. Spa Sales, Marketing & PR Courses

1. Business Spa Management Online Program From CPD

This comprehensive online business spa management program provides essential tools in order to help you to develop, strategize & innovate your spa, especially in spa marketing. You will be trained in social marketing and how to increase your revenue.

School information

CPD is a perfect university for professional development. This school is regarded as the best organization for start-up owners to learn business knowledge.

Who should learn this course: Spa professionals who hope to improve their business element in the spa industry

Duration: 7 weeks

Tuition fee: US$ 898


2. Holistic Spa Management Program From ACHS

This is a unique & practical program designed for professionals who work in a spa management position. You can join this course whether you are working as a massage therapist, receptionist, or supervisor. This will provide you foundational knowledge & advanced skills needed to develop your career in the spa industry.

School information

ACHS is an Australian Council of Healthcare which has a tight bond with the government to improve health care’s quality, connect consumers in healthy bodies.

Who should learn this course

  • Spa directors & spa managers who want to be successful in daily spa operations
  • Therapists who want to open their own spa in someday

Duration: 15 weeks

Tuition fee: As per specific small courses


II. Spa Leadership Courses

1. Introduction To Spa And Hospitality Operations From UC-Irvine

This course provides a profound overview of spa operations from the point of maximizing success. Students could develop principle skills required to manage & operate a profitable spa in the spa industry.

School information

UC-Irvine is a Christian University which provides 3 kinds of degrees including undergraduate, post-graduate & online degrees. This school has been recognized for its great contribution to education, especially in the spa and wellness industry.

Who should learn this course: No entry requirement so if you have a great passion for the spa industry, please enroll in this course

Duration: 3 months

Tuition fee: US$ 690


2. International Spa Management From University Of Derby

After this course, students will have enough knowledge & practical skills to become a spa manager. This course provides a deeper insight into the spa career & spa business for students.

School information

The University of Derby was founded in 1851 in Derby, England. Until now, this school has educated over 17.000 students each year in the multi-field & has been recognized for its quality.

Who should learn this course: No entry requirement so if you have a great passion for the spa industry, please enroll in this course

Duration: 3 months full-time

Tuition fee

  • International fee: US$ 14,974
  • UK/EU fee: US$ 10,453 per year

III. Spa Finance Management Courses

1. Certification In Spa Management From Royale Institution

This course in Spa Management program is to equip individuals with the understanding & skills required in spa design & spa industry. This course provides the best tools for spa finance management that every spa owner should achieve to be successful.

School information

Royale Institution provides high-standard quality courses, mostly online courses. Over the past few years, this university has become more involved in developing learning opportunities for overseas students by online courses & degrees.

Who should learn this course: Global spa managers can participate in this course at any time

Duration: 2 months

Tuition fee: US$ 175


2. Spa Owner Courses Online From IAP College

In this part-time online Spa Management Course, you will learn essential principles & practical techniques for opening and managing a successful spa.

School information

IAP College aims to offer the finest degree for the future dream job. This school guarantees academic standards for all the students at any levels & degrees even online.

Who should learn this course

  • Global spa managers can participate in this course at any time
  • Therapists, practitioners who want to open their own spa someday

Duration: 6 months

Tuition fee: US$ 97


IV. Spa Human Resources Management Courses

1. Spa & Salon Management Program From Champneys College

The course is designed for the spa or beauty practitioners who would like to develop into management or are presently working in a senior position but wish to achieve the skills & qualifications necessary to be a more competent leader. The course provides lectures and online distance, independent learning.

School information

Champneys College is one of the UK’s leading beauty-training university with more than 40 years of experience. Moreover, Champneys has been credited to be one of 11 CIDESCO schools in the UK.

Who should learn this course

  • Experienced therapists/spa manager with a desire to move into management
  • People that are passionate about spa and wellness management

Duration: 8 months

Tuition fee

  • Fees: US$ 1,808
  • Exam fee: US$ 147

2. Online Spa And Wellness Management Course From UCI

Whether you have owned a spa or intended to, improve your knowledge and career insight to get to know the real-world spa and wellness education is important. By this comprehensive, you’ll learn all aspects of the successful spa operation of a spa as well as business strategies you can employ for sustained growth and profitability in this ever-evolving industry.

School information

UCI is one member of the prestigious Association of American Universities. Headed by Chancellor Howard Gillman, this school has more than 36,000 students and provides 222 degree programs.

Who should learn this course

  • Spa directors & spa managers who want to be successful in daily spa operations
  • Therapists who want to open their own spa in someday

Duration: 6 – 12 months

Tuition fee: US$ 2,585


V. Spa Service Quality Controllation Courses

1. Spa And Wellness Management Course From ASWA

This course is leading in training wellness & management skills, combined with ASWA 25+ years’ expertise in spa and wellness operation and designed to boost your career with sustainability.

School information

ASWA is short for Australian Sustainable Wellness Academy. ASWA believes that strategies, skills can make a great business. This school always puts a high standard of education as the first priority.

Who should learn this course

  • Spa/skin professionals want to move into management
  • Supervisor/Assistant Managers who are seeking for further development
  • Wellness practitioners who want to be recognized
  • Entrepreneurs looking for business opportunities in the spa industry.

Duration: 12 – 24 months

Tuition fee: US$ 9,950


2. Spa Management Program From Alpine Center

The main purpose of the online course in Spa Management is to provide individuals with the knowledge & skills required for success in the spa industry at supervisory/management level.

School information

Alpine Center is a leading Swiss business school specialized in International Hospitality Management and Tourism education.

Who should learn this course: No entry requirement except for good command of English

Duration: 1 year

Tuition fee: Contact the school for more information


VI. All-in-one Online Spa Management Courses

1. Online Spa Management Course From The International Hotel School

This online program introduces students to the real world of spas, help them to have a comprehensive look at subjects ranging from history to financial problems. Other related things such as retail management & general supervision are also mentioned.

School information

The hospitality industry contributes significantly to the national & global economy. ISH (International Hotel School) is an Africa Hotel leading school which has educated thousands of spa managers in the spa and wellness industry.

Who should learn this course

  • Global spa managers can participate in this course at any time
  • Therapists, practitioners who want to open their own spa someday

Duration: 12 – 15 months

Tuition fee: US$ 496


2. Spa And Salon Management Training From Bali BISA

The course contents are customized for different learning styles and required a high level of self-study hours. Methods of final assessment are also customized to fit students & conditions.

School information

Bali BISA has won many prestigious awards in the hospitality industry like Master The Art of Wellness and Cultural Awareness. This is globally known as the perfect destination for spa learning.

Who should learn this course: Anyone who hopes to grow into a Spa/Salon manager, owner or consultant

Duration: Within 1 month

Tuition fee: US$ 8,550


Another Effective Way To Run Your Own Spa Business

Spa management courses online is a fast-track way to the success of your spa business with proven results in many famous spa managers all around the world. However, no one said this is the only way you can choose to operate your spa!

In fact, thousands of people have decided to use a smart spa POS system to assist them in managing their spas because of advanced tools this kind of brings with integrated features including spa inventory management, spa booking, spa customer service,…

bePOS is a 4.0 Australian point-of-sale system which can raise 30% sales in one year for the users by using the latest technology including cloud-based software and available on iOS, PC, Android & mobile app for you to choose!


Spas over 10+ countries have trusted bePOS to bring them a wonderful selling experience. Try it for FREE today to optimize your spa business!


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