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8 Most Popular Spa Inventory Management Softwares in 2021

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To stay competitive, well it’s time for the spa businesses switch from traditional pen and paper to cloud-based, real-time inventory management software.

However, for spa managers, having to research about different spa inventory management software can be an EXHAUSTING process. It takes time, efforts and, even sometimes, money.

Therefore, to save your resources, we’ve researched and collected information which is USEFUL for you based on our experience and knowledge of the field.

So now, let’s start with the first basic-level question ever in every research!

Spa Inventory Management Softwares 1st

What Is A Spa Inventory Management Software?

In spa management, sometimes owners concentrate too much on quality aspects and ignore an overwhelming operation – managing inventory effectively. This means ensuring products are utilized in quantities to reduce waste, accurately record inventory to restrict bureaucratic inefficiencies and handle the right amount of stocks.

These challenges demand much greater solutions to deal with the situation than manual methods. Then, spa inventory management systems step in with its advanced automation and re-conceptualize how things are done.

  • The mechanism module keeps a record of the customers and transactions every moment. It helps to improve transparency and resource management.
  • The program can put the data together to make reports to get you the detailed information about the spa performance.
  • Additionally, the equipped feature also supports the spa manager in auditing stock and facilitating quick and efficient planning of new product orders based on the past analysis.
What Is A Spa Inventory Management Software?

6 Must-have Features Of Any Spa Inventory Management Software

  1. Inventory tracking

This may sound simple and clear, however, when entrepreneurs search for inventory management software, inventory control is definitely the most essential feature.

Throughout the purchasing process, the program should have a systematic way of monitoring and controlling any item.

In fact, some companies are still sticking with spreadsheets which involve manually keeping track of stockpile. To optimize these processes, Point of Sale software must be implemented that combines the inventory management system.

  1. Accounting

Although inventory management software can do a huge amount of work, always remember to integrate an accounting interface. With this function, you can effortlessly post to the general ledger account. You may also use it to be informed of all expenses outside of inventory management.

Accounting function
  1. Bar-code & scanning

If you are poorly-equipped to handle orders and deliver the shipments in a quick and efficient style, the clients can end up leaving you in record numbers. Therefore, you need to eliminate the human error and track inventory precisely by installing an inventory management software that included bar-coding and scanning capabilities.

  1. Forecast demand

If you can predict demand adequately, you will smartly purchase stock goods and avoid the ongoing problem of having a lot of inventory. With forecasting features, you can know the moving flow of stock items as well as strong performance channels to make appropriate storage management actions.

  1. Integration with other related solutions

Going to integrate multiple systems in one software is key to a streamlined flow of your operations with the same source of data. Inventory management, CRM, spa booking, staff management, appointment scheduling are integrated has brought many benefits, along with taking away manual data input, it will also enable accessibility and significantly increase customer satisfaction.

  1. Security & backups

Whether on the cloud or on a paper, security and backup plans should always be set up. Anyway, everyone wants to keep your data toward theft or hacking because the loss of data can harm your workflow and end up making your business very risky.

Top-Notch security may able to keep your data secure and confidential. Additionally, the system should provide you with routine back-up security. If you encounter data loss, you can get back in control immediately.

Security & backups
Security & backups

9 Benefits Of Using Spa Inventory Management Softwares

So to be even more persuasive, in the following paragraphs we’ve come up with several benefits about spa inventory management software that you need to know about.

So let’s get on with that!

  1. Real-time access

Often, when assessing a profitable business goal or any other performance indicators, it can take a long time to see exactly what’s happening within your operation. With the real-time figures, the system can display a more comprehensive overview of how day-to-day your company is doing.

Compared to waiting for months until you make any steps to improve your spa, now you are more able to resolve concerns as immediate as they happen.

  1. Ease of use

 It can be a real issue to have papers everywhere. Whereas some companies will organize their documentation meticulously, looking for the right data can still be difficult for other people.

This is how inventory management software helps. Besides allowing people to find specific information without going via a time-taking procedure, it’s decent for the planet as well.

  1. Inventory controlling of multi-location

 Never have to be worried about the unbalanced amount of goods between locations again because centralized management of inventory from different outlets is made possible through the cloud-based system.

Now you can easily move inventory among places if you operate numerous facilities to react to any product shortages by tracking transfers and inventory percentage changes.

  1. Transparent reporting

 Reports study all or specific product movement history including financial and purchaser data such as product costs, stock price, taxes, month-to-month consumption, and more. Wastage reports also help you realize pilferage and waste sectors.

Transparent reporting
  1. Simplified audit

It is easy to forego time-consuming physical inventory audits when everything is automated. When the machines do the tasks, they may no longer seem needed.

These frequently conducted audits can help business managers identify possible internal theft and manipulation by comparing actual stock levels against expected levels to identify areas of pilferage and wastage.

  1. Detailed receipts

The software provides a clear and detailed receipt of client’s orders than just a paper that describes the only sales amount.

In addition, the inventory data provide more proof in the form of services done, the price of each saving by making use of coupons or offers, and tax.

  1. High accuracy level

Automating an operation can help to lower human errors. These inaccuracies are most frequently found in statistical reports so it can greatly reduce mistakes by eliminating manual data entering and having an automated calculation instead.

  1. Just-in-time stock

None of us wants to waste an excessive amount of capital by reserving too much stock. In contrast, nobody expects too little to stock up on because an inventory-out is going to be a deficit in potential revenue.

However, this difficulty can be eliminated with an inventory management system. You know when you need to restock with actual-time tracking of stock levels, which means you will be able to escape being out of stock. At the same time, the system also can help you determine the right amount to stop stocking products to avoid any overstock problems.

  1. Projected inventory evaluation

Inventory management software does far more than tracking where and when to reorder the inventory. To create an effective forecasting and strategic planning, an information collection system is implemented.

Business owners can review patterns in which items perform well during a specific time, then adjust appropriately to achieve growth and make the best use of cash flow resources.

Most Popular Spa Inventory Management Softwares In 2021

Frequently Asked Questions in Spa Inventory Management Software

For some beginners, the Spa Inventory Management Software is still a confusing topic. So this is the reason why we created a complication of some frequently asked questions about inventory management software and their answer here.

Question: How does modern inventory management software differ from other supply chain software?

Inventory management software typically comprises forecasting and replenishment system to support you balance inventories with the projected sale and also decide the appropriate stocks along with the distribution chain to complete orders at a given fill rate.

A subset known as inventory optimization software employs complex algorithms to recommend the best locations and quantities for meeting demand across the entire supply chain.

Question: What is the difference between inventory management and warehouse inventory management?

Warehouse inventory management is the principal objective of a warehouse management system. It manages and optimizes the movement, storage, and tracking of inventory in and around a warehouse. In contrast, inventory management software usually takes a broader view of inventory planning and optimization across many locations along the supply chain.

Question: What obstacles will my organization meet in implementing inventory management software?

Integration, data quality, and training will take a huge amount of your attention. You might also need to reformat legacy data or develop custom applications to collect new information to allow the inventory management software to do its job.

Frequently Asked Questions in Spa Inventory Management Software

6 Tips To Select The Right Inventory Management Softwares

It can be challenging to make distinctions with too many similar-sounding options available in the market, there are the most fundamental things to consider before you install any software.

  1. Your business type

The very first critical question to clear is just where your firm is in size and phase of growth. If your work is still small, this may not be good enough for your investment to pay a fortune for a tool. However, many big organizations do find that with a more robust tool, their inventory complexity is lightened.

  1. Your budget

Spend the time to specify your budget: from free to expensive, inventory management systems can be whatever price. If you understand how much you’re willing to invest then simplify your google to a couple of suggestions that suit your budget, the finding is much easier.

Of course, there will also be a great variation in quality and capability with huge price fluctuation, so doing your research and invest wisely.

  1. Credible software providers

Not all inventory management platforms are created similarly, so before you choose one, it’s vital to know the full details of the service provider such as the company backgrounds, achievements in the fields, unique selling points and read testimonials from other customers.

Start your subscription with bePOS today if you’re ready to expand your business and streamline your inventory and order operations.

Credible software providers
  1. Existing challenges

Since you are purchasing a solution for inventory management, make sure that you understand what issue this tool will tackle. Recognizing your inventory procedures and what particular challenges discourage you from achieving your goals is essential and makes it easier to ask the right questions.

  1. Feature Integrations

Any good spa inventory management system can integrate with other tools that your business needs. All products, orders, and customers can be managed in one place, even in multiple stores to allow your customers to make bookings online, schedule with CRM Database, make reports and analytics and much more.

  1. Customer support

Ensure that when picking your inventory management system you are not doing more tasks for yourself: it’ll be critical to use an user-friendly software with good customer support in case something unexpected happens. Some software systems are extremely complicated and time-consuming with high-priced specialists to set up to handle employee training.

8 Most Popular Spa Inventory Management Softwares in 2019

BePOS – The Most Powerful POS System trusted by largest chains


BePOS – The Most Powerful POS System trusted by largest chains

BePOS is an online booking system that provides the best solutions for scheduling 24/7 via your Facebook page website and notifies you of them in advance.

This software has merged 4.0 technologies with a cloud-based booking system such as the Internet of Things, Big Data, Cloud Computing, Face Detection and more, making it excellent compared to other major components.

BePOS is moving towards to be the world’s first mobile POS favored by thousands of spa and beauty salons worldwide.

bePOS Spa softwares

Price: 3 packages:

  • Free package: $0/ month
  • Growth package: $29/ month
  • Professional package: $59/ month

Platform: Windows, iOS, Android


Main features of bePOS:

  • Inventory Management

You can manage all product transactions and storage, especially with a comprehensive solution to manage your gain, loss, fraud and improve the performance of financial plans to reduce under or overstock issues.

  • Treatment Management

Users can add unlimited treatments including prices, discounts, member loyalty, and so much more

  • Report

It allows you to keep a close eye on cash flow, the performance of employees, customers turnover rate, and more, which is an optimal sales management system for enhancing and improving your business.

  • Cloud-Based

A cloud-based system enables fast data recovery for all scenarios. You will have a synchronized database of orders, customers and employees

  • Effective CRM

CRM allows you to save time by managing appointments, payment, and personal data. The system supports loyal programs for customer care.

  • Staff Management

It helps to keep track of employee’s performance without breathing down their neck all the time with our sales management software

  • Cash management

A professional sales management system with a strict cross-checking the process offers you to control over your cash flow better

  • Online Booking

The system allows customers to make appointments via your website or Facebook page 24/7 and notifies you in advance about them.


Download: iTunes

bePOS Spa app

Shedul – Scheduling Solution For Small Business

Shedul is a cloud-based appointment scheduling system which works as a business management software solution developed by Surge Ventures Inc. It offers appointment confirmation, salon calendar with the point of sale (POS) functions.

Shedul – Scheduling Solution For Small Business

Price: Free

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Shedul:

  • Manage appointment confirmation
  • Help you with client management
  • Reduce no-shows
  • Activity dashboard
  • Online booking system
  • Improve Sales & Products
Shedul - Scheduling Solution For Small Business
Shedul – Scheduling Solution For Small Business

Zenoti – Software Helps Your Inventory Controlling

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Zenoti is a web-based software used by spas, salons and medical spas worldwide from single location spas to large multi-center chains. A beautiful, all-in-one solution that’s easy to use and drives real business results like increased customer loyalty, higher revenue, and more time to focus on your customers.

Price: Not provided

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux, iOS, Android

Main features of Zenoti:

  • Appointment Book
  • Billing & Payments
  • CRM & Loyalty
  • Employee Management
  • Marketing
  • Inventory
  • Multi-Center Support
  • Online Store
  • Custom Reporting
Zenoti – Software Helps Your Inventory Controlling

Miosalon – For Salons And Spa’s Of All Sizes

Miosalon app
Miosalon – For Salons And Spa’s Of All Sizes

MioSalon spa software enables you to give a world-class client experience which is highly memorable even after several days. With our spa management software, you can be assured that your clients will keep coming back for more.

Our spa software makes you book appointments, manage resources(Rooms), track membership and collect feedback to build your brand online.

Price: $52/month

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Miosalon:

  • Schedule Appointment
  • Point Of Sale
  • Attract New Clients
  • Marketing
  • Customize Report
  • Book Keeping
  • Send Notification
  • Manage Multi-Location
  • Sell Online
  • Security
Misosalon spa inventory app

Chidesk – Online Inventory Management System For Spa

Chidesk – Online Inventory Management System For Spa

ChiDesk has all the features you need effectively manage your spa and increase efficiency for both you and your staff. From large hotel and day spas to small home businesses, our spa software offers a complete management solution.

Price: 5 packages:

  • Solo: $40/ month
  • Standard: $60/ month
  • Advanced: $80/ month
  • Premium: $100/ month
  • Enterprise: $120/ month

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux

Main features of Chidesk:

  • Manage your booking sites
  • Stock-tracking and inventory management
  • Control your salon staff
  • Strengthen your client management
  • Get insight into salon performance
  • Manage your scheduled classes
Chidesk – Online Inventory Management System For Spa

Rosy – Management Solutions Specifically for Salons & Spas.

Rosy – Management Solutions Specifically for Salons & Spas.

Rosy’s salon inventory management software ensures that your shelves are always stocked. Gone are the days of missing profitable retail sales because of depleted inventory.

Price: up to 99$/month

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux, iOS, Andriod

Main features of Rosy:

  • Online Client Scheduling
  • Appointment Scheduling
  • Text & Email Communications
  • Inventory Management
  • Facebook Integration
  • Reporting Engine
  • Product Reservations
  • Salon Point Of Sale
Rosy – Management Solutions Specifically for Salons & Spas.

SimpleSpa – Designed To Improve Your Business

Spa Inventory Management Softwares – Simple Spa

SimpleSpa provides you all the flexibility to manage your entire business and offers the easiest to use appointment scheduling software, with integrated payment processing, online booking, and automatic appointment reminders. You can access the appointment schedule from anywhere in the world as if you were in your store, any time, all the time!


  • Basic: $100/year
  • Standard: $200/year
  • Pro: $400/year
  • Enterprise: $800/year

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux, iOS, Andriod

Main features of SimpleSpa:

  • Online booking management
  • Marketing
  • Appointment management
  • Inventory management
  • Reporting.
  • Credit-card processing
  • SMS and text reminders
  • Transaction management.

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Timely – Keep All Your Retail Products In Order

Timely – Keep All Your Retail Products In Order

Timely is a cloud-based appointment scheduling software solution. It caters to individual professionals and small and midsize businesses, including beauty salons, hair salons, health clinics, massage therapists and personal trainers.

Price: Up to $200/month

Platform: Mac, Win, Linux, iOS

Main features of SimpleSpa:

  • Appointments
  • Client management
  • Marketing
  • Sales and payments
  • Inventory management
  • Employees management
  • Reporting and analytics
  • Business administration
Spa software Timely

Nobody ever said it was an effortless task to find the perfect spa inventory management software for your business.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t decided which one is suitable, bePOS can help you to set everything up with just a CLICK

Start a FREE trial and see how our POS can work for you from TODAY!

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